Thursday, 10 September 2015

Top Victorian Lady Costumes for Women

Single Breasted Red Black Victorian Dress
The Victorian era may have had its problems, but its fashion was not one of them. With frills, lace, voluminous skirts and demure colors, the Victorians had an iconic and beautiful look that is admired and recognized more than a century later. Its tendency to gothic looks makes it a great option for a Halloween costume too, so I've collected my favorites into one place for all of you out there looking for an usual dress for a Halloween ball. You can find Victorian costumes in the EU and UK here.

Steampunk Victorian Brocade Dinner Dress
Forum Novelties Women's
Widow Maker Costume
What with Queen Victoria's long period of mourning, the most common style associated with Victorian clothing is gothic, dark and brooding. There are many amazing darkly colored Victorian style costumes and dresses out there. To avoid swamping you, I've picked out just a few of my favorites for this post.

My personal favorite is the amazing Lolita style dress featured as the top of this page. I'm a sucker for frills and bows, and this outfit provides in abundance. It would look amazing for high-class parties, masquerades, Victorian themed parties, and maybe even a garden party or two. If the weather is a little chilly where you live, this dress would look lovely paired with a black blouse like this one

If you prefer outfits with a lot less poof, the Victorian style still won't let you down. I particularly like the Victorian style Brocade Dinner Dress featured above, which combines steampunk color-schemes with a stunning and subtle Victorian theme. Each set of this costume comes with the lovely blouse and the matching long skirt. 

Another cool Victorian costume that I like is the mourning Widow Maker's costume by Forum Novelties on the right.I love the deep burgundy/black colors on this costume, they are so rich and eye-catching. Each set of this costume comes with the hat with the attached veil, the gorgeous choker, a long coat with attached shirt front, and the long skirt. You can get the matching cane right here.

Partiss Women Lace Floor-length Gothic Victorian Dress
Smiffy's Women's Victorian
Vixen Deluxe Costume
The goth look isn't all the Victorian era had to offer, although it is seen as the most common. You can get many more colorful outfits out there if you want something bold and eye-catching. For example, check out the gorgeous Partiss Victorian dress costume above, a pretty and stand-out piece that is sure to bring out the color in anyone's eyes. You can get this costume comes in green, blue, pink, purple and red. That's a great range of choices! Each set of this costumes comes with the dress and your choice of a hat or scarf. 

InCharacter Costumes
Victorian Lady Costume
If you prefer your blues, here are two costumes you might like. On the right is the wonderful bustle-skirted Victorian Vixen costume, a richly colored piece with an interesting contrast of velvety and satin-like textures. I really love the colorful hat, it's a nice extra. Each set of this costume comes with the lovely skirt, the top and the cute little floral hat.

Meanwhile on the left is the delicate and elegant InCharacter Costumes Victorian Lady costume, a truly unique outfit with amazing patterns and an unusual mermaid skirt style. Each set of this costume comes with the lacy top, the skirt, the cute white petticoat and a satin bustle bow on the back.

So there you have it! Those were my favorite Victorian lady costumes for women this Halloween. I hope you found one that is perfect for you and have a lot of fun dressing up. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of this blog for lots more great costume ideas for women of all ages. Have a great Halloween!

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