Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Top Ten Star Wars Costumes for Kids

Star Wars Child's Deluxe Princess Leia Costume
Rubie's Costume Star Wars Princess Leia Romper

Well, we had a post on Star Wars costumes for adults, and now with Halloween (and a new movie) just around the corner, it's time to take a look at some awesome sci-fi costumes for kids too. There are plenty of them out there in the style of all the major Star Wars characters, so I've narrowed it down to my favorite ten to save you time. Let's take a look!

Star Wars Child's Padme Amidala Costume
Rubie's Deluxe Queen Amidala Costume

First up we have some costumes based on the ladies of the Star Wars universe - there may sadly not be many, but those that exist are awesome and have iconic looks that make wonderful costume themes. At the top of this post we have two cute Princess Leia costumes including an adorable romper for toddlers, while just above we have two of Padme Amidala's costumes, including her bold and alien Queen regalia.

Star Wars Child's Darth Vader Costume
Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Dress

You can't have a post on Star Wars costumes without mentioning one of the most iconic villains of all time, the black-suited Darth Vader. He has a lot of costumes to his name, so I've just picked out my two favorites. For those who want an exact costume, check out the one on the left, while on the right is a pretty cool dress costume inspired by Vadar's look.
Star Wars Storm Trooper Costume Dress
Star Wars Classic Stormtrooper Child Costume

Here's a great set of costume for a Sith themed party, with the Birthday boy or girl being Vadar and everyone else joining his army of Imperial Stormtroopers, terrible marksmanship skills and everything. Once again we have two alternative style of this great look, one that mirrors the movie and another movie-inspired dress costume. 

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Costume Dress
Star Wars Boba Fett Costume Dress

Last but not least, we have another two dress-inspired versions of famous Star Wars costumes that girls are sure to love, one based on Luke's X-Wing Fighter bodysuit and the other on the fearsome bounty hunter Boba Fett. And there you have it! Those are my top ten favorite Star Wars costumes for kids. I hope you found one that is perfect for you and have a great time dressing up. Happy Halloween, and may the force be with you!

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