Monday, 21 September 2015

Cute Disney Princess Cinderella Costumes for Kids

Storybook Cinderella Prestige
Twinklers Twinkle Princess Costume
Blue is not just for the boys, something first proved by one of the classic Disney Princesses, the beautiful and hardworking Cinderella. Lot's of little girls dream of being a princess, and now you can make her dreams come true with a cute Cinderella costume to dress up with for her Birthday or Halloween! There are plenty of costumes out there to choose from, so to save you time I've narrowed it down to my top five for you to check out. Let's take a look! If you are shopping from the UK or EU, you can find most of these costumes for purchase in your home country here. To start us off, above and on the right are some costumes based on Cinderella's classic look from the original animated Disney movies. The one on the right is particularly special: when you push a button the skirt lights up and sparkles! Pretty amazing. Both of these costumes come with the dress and matching tiaras, while the costume above also comes with a cute blue choker.

ReliBeauty Girls Sequin Cinderella Dress Costume
Blue Princess Costume
There are also some thematic versions of the costume, such as the costume above, which is based on Cinderella's winter dress and coat. I love the fur lined capelet and hood, as well as the diamante gems on the skirt that make it glitter in the light. It's simply adorable and is sure to make any little girl look wonderful.

For an unofficial Cinderella style costume with a bit more of a 'Queen' feel than a simply Princess dress, take a look at the beautiful Blue Princess dress on the left. It's so noble and regal! Each set of this costume includes the incredible gown and the matching silver crown. The matching sceptre is available here.

Last but not least, if she's a huge fan of the new live-action version of Cinderella, you might want to take a peek at the gorgeous replica of Ella's blue butterfly dress, featured below. I actually prefer this version of the dress, as it feels more modern without losing any of the fairy tale mystique.

Sophiashopping 2015 Princess Cosplay Dress
So there you go! Those are my top five adorable Princess Cinderella costumes for kids. I hope you found one that is perfect for your little princess and that she has a great time dressing up. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for hundreds more costume ideas for girls of all ages. Happy Halloween!

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