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Top Five Disney Princess Tiana Costumes for Kids (The Princess and the Frog)

Disguise Disney's Princess and The Frog Tiana Sparkle Classic Girls Costume
For all the little Princesses out there who fell in love with the Disney masterpiece The Princess and the Frog, this post is for them! Princess Tiana has a unique and bold look that makes the perfect costume for Birthdays and Halloween, and there are many outfits to choose from. Here are my personal top five for you to check out. If you are shopping for Princess Tiana costumes in the UK or EU, you can find some great ones here.

Disney Princess Enchanted
Evening Dress: Tiana
Princess Tiana Classic
The main type of Princess Tiana costume available out there is her gorgeous green leafy wedding dress. If you like your ball gowns all green, then you should take a look at the official sparkle costume at the top of this page. There are quite a few costume accessories you can get for this outfit too, such as a beautiful tiara, a sceptre, and some lovely shoes.

Disney's Tiana Story
Time Costume
The typical Tiana wedding gown look is a two-tiered skirt with the top being a leafy green and the bottom skirt a daisy-like cream. It's a very pretty color combination, and it's the look most Princess and the Frog costumes go for. If want a very accurate costume, the Classic costume on the right is the best one to go for, whereas if you want something with a little unique patterning, the one above is a perfect choice. 

I also very much like the adorable costume on the left, a lovely little number with the portrait of Princess Tiana on the chest. Little girls are sure to love it!

Last but not least, for a cute costume inspired by the Princess and the Frog mythology but sporting a look which is different and unique, check out the super cute Lilly Pad Princess costume below. I love the multi-tiered skirt and the delicate green material - it's is incredibly beautiful Each set of this costume also comes with a matching hair bow! This costume would benefit from a kid's petticoat like this one to give the skirt some lift.

Little Adventures Lily Pad Princess Costume
So there you have it! Those are my top five favorite Princess and the Frog costumes for this Halloween. I hope you found one that is perfect for your princess and have a lot of fun dressing up. If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog where you will find all the best costume ideas for women and girls of all ages on the net! Happy Halloween!

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