Sunday, 30 August 2015

Top ABBA Costumes for Women

Smiffy's Women's Super Trooper Costume
Smiffy's Women's
Trooper Cape Poncho
Mamma Mia! Is it almost time for Halloween already? Well, for all you ladies who grew up in the 70s, I have real treat of a costume idea for you. How about donning some outfits inspired by the Swedish pop sensation, Abba? Lets take a look at what is out there. If you are shopping from the UK or EU, head here for ABBA costumes.

Is Super Trooper your favorite Abba hit? Well you definitely want to pick up the awesome white costume above, which comes with the long-sleeved white top, trousers, belt-tie and the cute blue hat. This costume is very frequently see worn with the cute blue and white poncho on the right, so pick one of those up if you want to go all out. 

Forum Novelties Women's 70's Disco
Fever Disco Mamma Costume
There are a lot of costumes out there that have been inspired by the Super Trooper look, in a variety of different colors. My personal favorite is the blue and pink tie-die number on the left, but you can also get a psychedelic bronze version, and a bold hot pink outfit. Pick your favorite and hit the stage!

I also like the white and gold-trim version of the costume featured below - it's very glitzy. Each set of this costume comes with the glamorous top, the ruffled pants and the cool golden belt. This costume is bound to make you look abba-solutely fabulous!

Finally, regardless of which outfit you go for, finish it off with some cute choice accessories. For example, go-go boots were all the rage back them, and ABBA wore them as a staple, so pick up yours right here. Also, if you don't already have long blond hair, you can get a wig which will complete the look right here. Oh and the glittery microphone featured in many of these pictures? You can get that right here.

Disco Queen Adult Costume
There you have it! All the grooviest ABBA costumes for female fans out there. I hope you found one which is perfect for you and have a lot of fun with it! If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more awesome costume ideas for women and girls.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Top Flintstones Costumes for Women and Kids!

The Flintstones Wilma
Flintstone Costume
Betty Rubble Adult Costume
The Flintstones Adult
Pebbles Costume

Here's a costume theme that is fun for all the family, as well as for friendship group outings. Everybody watched the Flintstones as kids, which makes the look instantly recognizable and a lot of fun. Above are costumes for you and the girls to dress up as Wilma, Betty, and adorable baby Pebbles.

Rubie's Costume Children
The Flintstone's Dino Costume
Rubies The Flintstones Bamm
Bamm Complete Costume
The Flintstones Pebbles Costume

If you are going trick-or-treating with the kids, why not dress them up as Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm or Dino? These costumes are both super cute and give your kids everything they need to complete the look: each comes with everything you see in the picture. Pretty cool! I hope you found a costume that is perfect for you, and wish you a happy Halloween.

Top Ten Cute Mermaid Costumes for Children

California Costumes Toys Little Mermaid Costume
Let's Pretend Child's Deluxe
Mermaid Costume
Mermaid are magical aren't they? Lots of little girls dream of shedding the surface world for the deep sea, and Halloween is the perfect time to live out that fantasy. To help out all the burgeoning sea-princesses out there, I've collected my top 10 favorite mermaid costumes for children into one place for you to check out. Most of these costumes are also available in the UK and EU here.

The main style of mermaid costume is a slinky dress with a tail shape at the base. Many of these are in soft sea-themed colors, such as seashell purples and light blues that evoke gentle waves, such as the Let's Pretend mermaid costume on the right. Those net sleeves and the pearl beads coming from the skirt are absolutely gorgeous don't you think?

Another of my favorites is the California Costumes Little Mermaid costume featured at the top of this page. The glittery sequin skirt is very beautiful. Each set comes with the dress and the seashell headpiece. 

InCharacter Baby Girl's Mermaid
Creative Education's
Pink Mermaid Dress
For girls who love to look pretty in pink, the mermaid costumes need not disappoint! There are load of pink colored mermaid costumes out there to please any girly-girl, such as In Character's mermaid costume featured above. I love how shimmery the tail is, and the contrast of baby blue and bubblegum pink works really well. This would look great paired with a seaweed themed feather boa like this one

Big Girls' Mermaid Costume
Is that not enough pink for you? Well in that case take a look at the Creative Education costume on the left. It features lots of different shades of pinks in shiny and glistening materials Every costume comes with both the dress and that super cute sea-slower themed headband. That'll complete the look!

Need a little less pink and a little more sparkle? Well the Big Girls' mermaid costume might be just the thing for your daughter. The skirt is insanely glittery, and I love how puffy and elegant the base of the skirt is! She'll definitely look like a mermaid princess in this lovely costume.

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Mysterious Mermaid

If she prefers deeper, richer colors, then check out the two dark blue mermaid costumes above. I love the patterns on both of these - they are so intricate and beautiful! The little net accents on the dresses really add a magical feel to them too. Both include the incredible dresses, while the costume on the right comes with a matching headpiece.

Green/Turquoise Mermaid Costume
Ace Halloween Children's
Mermaid Princess Costumes
Another style of mermaid costume is not to have a mermaid tail at the base of it but instead allude to it with a mermaid shaped dress skirt at the bottom. My personal favorite of these is the green costume above - the shape is unusual and unique and the color is very bold and pretty. I think any little girl would love it!

Child Bubbly Mermaid Costume
Another cute one is the sheer fabric-tailed skirt and interestingly patterned dress on the right. The colors are very dainty, and the little flower brooch on the front of the dress is very pretty. 

For all the little ladies out there who want a more mature look to their costumes, take a look at the bubbly purple and green mermaid costume on the left. It's a ball gown style dress inspired by the Little Mermaid's Princess Ariel. It looks amazing!

So there you go! Those are my top ten best mermaid costumes for kids. I hope you found one that is perfect for your daughter, and wish her a happy Halloween from me! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best costumes for women and children on the net!

Creepy Bride of Frankenstein Costumes for Halloween

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Women's Monster Bride Costume
Sometimes there is no better costume than a classic, and with her instantly recognizable beehive hairdo, the Bride of Frankenstein is certainly a classic! There are a few cute Bride of Frankenstein costumes available out there, such as the sexy and shapely Monster Bride costume above. It even comes with the matching wig, so it has everything you need to hit the town and cause some mayhem. If you are shopping from the UK or EU, you can find equivalent costumes here.

Monster's Bride Costume
Fever Bride of Frankenstein
Fancy Dress Costume
Another very attractive Bride of Frankenstein costume is the one above. Each set of this costume comes with the top, skirt with belt, brooch, glovelettes, and matching wig. I highly recommend picking up some body-stitch temporary tattoos like these to get a creepy effect. 

If you would prefer a more cartoon, pop-art style, why not pick up the cute mini-dress and choker costume on the right? If you are going for this costume, be sure to pick up some green make-up to match! These green stitch pattern leggings will also look fantastic with the outfit. You can get a matching wig here.

So there you go! Three super-cute Bride of Frankenstein costumes to get you started with your Halloween shopping. I hope you found one that is perfect for you and have a load of fun. Happy Halloween!

Mary Poppins Costume for Women and Girls

English Nanny Adult Costume
Women's Mary Poppins Hat
with Cherries and Daisies
Mary Poppins is a big part of many people's childhood, and makes a fun and nostalgic costume for Halloween. The look is very easy to pull off too. All you need to start off is the English Nanny costume featured above. This costume is available in child's sizes here. If you are shopping from the UK or EU, you can find Mary Poppins costumes here.

Each set of this costume comes with the black poofy hat, the navy jacket, a ruffled shirt front with ribbon bow, and the blue skirt. You can pick up the matching white gloves here. If you like the shoes the model is wearing, you can find those here!

While the costume comes with a hat, it isn't an exact replica of the one from the movie. One such replica does exist though, and it looks amazing! I strongly recommend that you pick up the hat on the right in order to make your costume supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Friday, 28 August 2015

How to Dress Up as Quorra from Tron Legacy

Disguise Women's Disney Tron Legacy Movie Tron Quorra Deluxe Costume
(Available in the UK and EU here)
If you are as much in love with the Tron movies as I am, why not dress up as Quorra, the last ISO from the sequel? It is a very easy look to pull off - to start you off, above is the perfect jumpsuit to form the base of her outfit. You can get the matching disk here, and if you don't already have the right hairstyle, consider picking up a black bob wig like this one. Another cool accessory to finish off the costume is the awesome pair of black light-up sneakers below. Have fun!

LED Shoes Light up Glow Sneakers

Super Mario Bros Costumes for Gamer Girls

Disguise Women's Mario Skirt Version Adult Costume
Disguise Women's Luigi Skirt Version Adult Costume

Looking for a great group costume idea? Why not go out with your friends this Halloween as the characters from the Super Mario game series? Pretty much every character is available in costume form, starting with the iconic protagonists, Mario and Luigi, featured above. Each set of both costumes comes with the lovely dress, the white gloves, the matching hat and a mustache on a stick. If you prefer the jumpsuit look, you can find a Mario women's jumpsuit here, and a Luigi jumpsuit here.

Disguise Women's Yoshi Female Costume
I once saw a woman in a Yoshi the Dinosaur costume with her infant son dressed as Mario riding on her back. It was seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! To honor this mystery mother of the year, above is a shiny and beautiful Yoshi costume dress for your to check out. Each set comes with the sexy dress with inflatable shell back, and a cuddly hat and scarf combo headpiece. 

Sunflower Princess Dress Costume
Princess Peach is not the only Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom (even if that begs the question of who is charge of this bizarre pipe planet anyway). We also have the beautiful Princess Daisy! Above is a lovely Princess Daisy costume for those of you who prefer the bold orange clad royal to her pink counterpart. It's perfect for partnering with Luigi!

'Video Game Princess' Costume Sexy Video Game Costume
Disguise Women's Toad Female Costume
While Princess Daisy female versions of the male Super Mario characters can be hard to find at times, the same cannot be said of the stunning Princess Peach. There are plenty of amazing Peach outfits available on the net, and my personal favorite is the one featured above, which comes with the puffy skirt and matching crown headband. You can find loads more beautiful Princess Peach costumes here.

Last but not least, every Princess needs her loyal foot-servant, and every plumber needs someone to tell him that his Princess is in another castle. It's Toad! Check out the super cute Toad costume on the right, which comes with the elegant and pretty mini-dress and mushroom hat. 

Top Naughty Nun Costumes for Halloween

Fun World Women's Naughty Nun Costume
Fun World Women's
Sexy Sister Costume
Bless me Father, for I am almost certain that dressing up as a naughty nun has to be some kind of sin. Well, given it's Halloween, let's hope that the Lord Almighty will let us off this once. There are some really sexy Catholic nun costumes out there for sinful trick-or-treaters to wear, and I've included all of my favorites here. Lets take a look! If you are shopping in the UK and EU, go here for nun costumes.

Sexy Nun Mesh
There are a lot of different styles of nun costume, and we'll start with the shorter mini-dress style. If you want something sensual but simple without all the bells and whistles, then I recommend you check out one of the Fun World nun costumes, above and on the right. Each set comes with the gorgeously short mini-dress and the matching habit headpiece. 

Have these costumes not been quite revealing enough for you? Not sure the church would approve of that attitude, so I'll just leave the scanty, super-sexy and revealing costume by Smiffy's here and hope nobody finds out. This costume looks amazing and is perfect for those of you who want to show off a bit of skin. Every set comes with the veil and the delightfully naughty halter neck dress with matching suspenders. Matching black stockings are a must by...

Amour- Sexy Nun Women Adult Costume Long Gown Dress Halloween Fancy Party Carnival
If you want to show just a sliver and leave the rest to the sinner's imagination, you might want to go for a longer nun costume. I particularly like the long gown style costume featured above, with the super-hot leg slit in the skirt. I love the slinky look of the material too, it is very slimming. Check it out if you like the look of it!

MUSIC LEGS Women's Sinfully Hot Nun
Sexy Black Nun Costume
Lastly, we have some super cute and unique looking nun habits with sexily cut asymmetrical skirts that are sure to make you stand out from the rest of your sisters. 

Take the beautiful costume above, which adds a hint of gold to the original color-scheme to great effect. Every set of that costume comes with the dress, the sleeves, and the matching headpiece. You can get the crucifix thigh-high socks here.

Finally, on the left is a very sexy low cut mini-dress with a flowing and frilly asymmetrical skirt that is would look super pretty on any girl! Just make sure you say confession after you've worn it. This costume comes with the dress and the headdress. 

There you have it, my top naughty nun costumes for this Halloween. I hope you found an outfit that will make you look stunning and have a lot of fun dressing up. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of this blog for all of the best costume ideas for women on the net!

Adorable Olaf Costume for Kids

Infant and Toddler Frozen Classic Olaf Costume
Why build a snowman, when you can be the snowman? If you are shopping for a party or Halloween costume for a child who feels that way and loves Disney's Frozen, then why not get them this super cute Olaf the Snowman costume to dress up with? I bet they will love it! If you are shopping in the UK or EU, you can find Olaf costumes here.

Top Five Zombie Nurse Costumes for Women

Smiffy's Women's Zombie Nurse Costume
Here's another instalment of my run of posts on zombie themed costumes for women (you can find the rest here!): zombie nurses! There's something terrifying about those we trust to protect us from sickness succumbing themselves to the same fate, and that is what makes this such an effective costume idea. There are lots of styles available: these are just my personal favorite. Let's take a look! If you are shopping from the UK or EU, head over here for Zombie Nurse costumes.

Ladies Zombie Halloween Costume
First of all, we have two costumes in the iconic and traditional nurses uniform, featured above and to the right. Each set of both of these costumes come with the sexy mini-dress, the 'protective' face mask (not that it did them any good!) and the red cross headpiece. You can get the matching bloody knee-high socks here. Both costumes would look incredible with Funtasma by Pleaser's blood-spattered white high heel pumps, so be sure to check those out. If you're going to be carrying things about, I recommend you do it in this very convincing looking bloody cleaver shaped handbag - it's both a prop and a handy purse.

The first costume above works well as the based for a Silent Hill nurse monster costume too. If that is what you are going for, here is a guide on creating the creepy face mask to finish off the look.

Smiffy's Women's Zombie Scrub Nurse Costume with Dress and Facemask
The traditional white and red nurse outfit might not be the norm nowadays, but the more modern medical scrubs can also look awesome when hosed down in blood and worn by a flesh-eating demon from hell. Case in point is the great costume featured above, courtesy of the National Horror Service (what, it made me laugh). It comes with the mini-dress and the face-mask.

Sexy Women's Zombie Nurse Costume
Don't forget the military! As the first line of defence from the zombie hordes after the initial wave of plucky survivors have met their miserable demise, army nurses are especially vulnerable to a bad case of the brain eating munchies. That's why I like the cute camo-dress style costume on the left. You get a lot of accessories with it too; each set comes with the dress, the matching cap and a shot syringe toy.

Working a bio-hazard lab is the easiest way to get a bad dose of the T-virus, or so the movies would have you believe. Safety procedures are a bit lacking. Playing into that trope is the cool hazardous infectee nurse costume featured below, which comes with the cool mini dress and the matching headpiece.

Biohazard Zombie Nurse Adult Costume
There you go! Those were my top five best zombie nurse costumes for women. I hope you found one that is right for you and have an awesome time dressing up and hitting the town. If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to take a peek at the rest of this blog to discover even more fantastic Halloween costumes and cosplays for women and girls!

Top Zombie Pageant Prom Queen Costumes for Women

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Drop Dead Gorgeous
Paper Magic Women's
Zombie Prom Queen
In the wake of movies like Carrie and urban myths of the spurned prom queen, zombie and undead prom party-goers have become very popular Halloween costumes, and there are some truly great ones out there for you to choose from. To help you out, I've gathered all of my favorites into one place for you to take a look at. Enjoy!

First up, at the top of the page, is my favorite of the zombie prom queen costumes, a cute blue gown number with a healthy (or maybe that's unhealthy?) spattering of blood and gore. Each set of this costume comes with the sparkling blue dress, the sash, the fingerless gloves and the cute tiara with attached knife handle. This costume is also available in tween sizes.

If you don't want your costume to be too gory or like yourself some darker, more gothic colors and styles, then I recommend taking a look at the beautiful Paper Magic prom queen costume featured on the left. Each set comes with the gorgeous tattered dress, the matching glovettes, a pageant sash, and a tiara to finish off the look. 

Smiffy's Women's High School Horror Zombie Prom Queen Costume
Ninimour Miss Living Dead
Zombie Prom Queen Costume
Alternatively, you can go for lighter colors that will really bring out the blood in your eyes - er, I mean the color. The awesome costumes above and on the left are a great look if you want a bold blood-drenched look. You have the option to be more conservative and gown like with the Smiffy costume, while the Ninimour is a short and sexy mini-dress with a poofy skirt. Both costumes come with the dress and the pageant sash. 

Those were my top five personal favorite zombie prom queen costumes. I hope you found one which is perfect for you and have a tonne of fun dressing up. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best costumes for women and girls on the net. In particular, you may want to take a look at the rest of my zombie-themed costumed posts, which are available here.

Top Five Zombie Cheerleader Costumes for Women and Girls

Smiffy's Women's High School Horror Cheerleader Costume with Dress and Pom Poms
InCharacter Costumes Women's
Spiritless Cheerleader
Give me a Z! Give me a O! Give me a M, B, I, E! ZOMBIE! Yep, that's right, you can get zombie cheerleader costumes! If dressing up with a little undead cheer for Halloween sounds like your idea of a good time, then you are in luck, because I have collected all of my favorite zombie cheerleader costumes for women and children into one place for your to check out. Enjoy! If you are shopping from the UK or EU, head here for Zombie Cheerleader costumes.

First up, we have two cute red and black numbers featured above and on the right. Both feature subtly torn and bloody cheerleader dresses and come with the matching pom-poms you see in the picture. This costume above is available in child sizes here. This costume on the right is also available in child sizes here

I recommend picking up some athletic knee-high socks like these to finish off the look in both cases. You can splatter a few sprays of fake blood on them too if you like. Either way, you are sure to look fabulous whichever look you choose.

Forum Zombie Cheerleader Costume

Zombie Cheerleader Female
Fancy Dress Costume Black
For a lighter look, I highly recommend the Forum zombie cheerleader costume featured above. It has more of a gothic look than most other zombie cheerleader costume, emphasising the 'Zombie' end of things. 

Feeling morbid? So is the zombie cheerleader on the left, even though she's got a great outfit on her. It doesn't come with the pom-poms, but you can get a good set here in a variety of different colors quite cheaply. 

Totally Ghoul Zombie
Cheerleader Costume
Last but not least, on the right is a teen exclusive! I love the color-scheme on this costume, it's very simple and yet very bold and is sure to make your teen stand out a mile away. Each set comes with the cute mini-dress and a matching pom-pom. 

So there you have it! Those are my top five favorite zombie cheerleader costumes for women and girls this Halloween. I hope you found one which is perfect for you and have a lot of fun dressing up. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog! In particular, you might want to take a look at my other zombie themed costumes here.