Friday, 28 August 2015

Top Five Zombie Nurse Costumes for Women

Smiffy's Women's Zombie Nurse Costume
Here's another instalment of my run of posts on zombie themed costumes for women (you can find the rest here!): zombie nurses! There's something terrifying about those we trust to protect us from sickness succumbing themselves to the same fate, and that is what makes this such an effective costume idea. There are lots of styles available: these are just my personal favorite. Let's take a look! If you are shopping from the UK or EU, head over here for Zombie Nurse costumes.

Ladies Zombie Halloween Costume
First of all, we have two costumes in the iconic and traditional nurses uniform, featured above and to the right. Each set of both of these costumes come with the sexy mini-dress, the 'protective' face mask (not that it did them any good!) and the red cross headpiece. You can get the matching bloody knee-high socks here. Both costumes would look incredible with Funtasma by Pleaser's blood-spattered white high heel pumps, so be sure to check those out. If you're going to be carrying things about, I recommend you do it in this very convincing looking bloody cleaver shaped handbag - it's both a prop and a handy purse.

The first costume above works well as the based for a Silent Hill nurse monster costume too. If that is what you are going for, here is a guide on creating the creepy face mask to finish off the look.

Smiffy's Women's Zombie Scrub Nurse Costume with Dress and Facemask
The traditional white and red nurse outfit might not be the norm nowadays, but the more modern medical scrubs can also look awesome when hosed down in blood and worn by a flesh-eating demon from hell. Case in point is the great costume featured above, courtesy of the National Horror Service (what, it made me laugh). It comes with the mini-dress and the face-mask.

Sexy Women's Zombie Nurse Costume
Don't forget the military! As the first line of defence from the zombie hordes after the initial wave of plucky survivors have met their miserable demise, army nurses are especially vulnerable to a bad case of the brain eating munchies. That's why I like the cute camo-dress style costume on the left. You get a lot of accessories with it too; each set comes with the dress, the matching cap and a shot syringe toy.

Working a bio-hazard lab is the easiest way to get a bad dose of the T-virus, or so the movies would have you believe. Safety procedures are a bit lacking. Playing into that trope is the cool hazardous infectee nurse costume featured below, which comes with the cool mini dress and the matching headpiece.

Biohazard Zombie Nurse Adult Costume
There you go! Those were my top five best zombie nurse costumes for women. I hope you found one that is right for you and have an awesome time dressing up and hitting the town. If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to take a peek at the rest of this blog to discover even more fantastic Halloween costumes and cosplays for women and girls!

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