Thursday, 27 August 2015

Rockin' Elvis Presley Costumes for Women

Elvis Woman's Secret Wishes Sexy Jumpsuit Costume
Are you nothing but a hound dog? Or are you a major Presley-maniac? Well if its the latter, why not kit yourself up with an Elvis Presley costume this Halloween? You might even get to show off your singing chops! If that sounds like fun, then read on to discover some seriously sexy Elvis Presley Halloween outfits. 

Female Elvis Presley Costume
First of all, we have a few different women's version of Elvis' most famous and iconic outfits, the White Pinwheel and Fireworks jumpsuits. First is the rocking pinwheel suit costume above. Every set includes the form-fitting jumpsuit with the turn-up collar and red scarf. Why not pair it with some golden aviator sunglasses?

Smiffys Women's White/Red
Elvis Viva Las Vegas Costume
Meanwhile on the right is an alternative style of the classic white jumpsuit. The glittery golden microphone you see in the picture is available here. It would also look great with this eagle style Presley accessory cape.

If you are more of a mini-dress girl, then on the left is a super-cute and sexy dress version of the Fireworks white jumpsuit with a bold matching red cape. You are bound to stand out from the crowd in this cutie.

Prefer the early 1972 Black Butterfly style of Elvis jumpsuit? Well you can find a costume based on that outfit below! It comes with the black and gold jumpsuit, the cape, and a matching scarf. Why not pair it with a set of gorgeous golden heels like these?

Secret Wishes Women's Elvis Sexy Costume Jumpsuit
Whichever costume you pick, you'll need to finish off the look with a tall Elvis style hairdo. If you've got the right type of hair some hairdressing expertise you can try to style your own hair (I've included a great tutorial below on the pompadour style!), but otherwise you can pick up a cool Elvis wig here.

So there you have it! I hope you found the perfect costume and accessories for you and have a tonne of fun dressing up and rocking out. Have a great Halloween, and don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for all of the most amazing costumes for women and girl's on the net!

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