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The Perfect Princess Fiona Costumes for Women and Girls (Shrek)

Princess Fiona Costume Dress
(UK and EU costumes available here)
Shrek Child's Deluxe Costume
Princess Fiona Costume
Shrek was a really iconic movie back in the day, one of the first mainstream hits to really subvert the normal fantasy tropes. We all remember the ass-kicking but emotionally torn Princess Fiona, and her memorable look makes an awesome Halloween costume! Fancy dressing up as her? Well you are in luck, because there are lots of wonderful costumes out there!

Above is her cute green costume dress from the first movies, and you can find her more ornate gown from later movies here. With both costumes you get the matching ogre ears head piece.

If you are looking for child's sizes, here's a child's version of the one above, while on the right is a cute child's version of the Princess Fiona coronation dress from later films. They look so adorable, she is sure to love them!

If you don't have long brown hair that you can plat to create Fiona's hairstyle, I recommend picking up this lovely licensed wig, which includes adorable attached ogre ears. With your hair looking stunning, all you need to do now is follow the tutorial video that I've featured above to paint your face green like an ogre's and perfect your makeup! Voila!

How to Dress Up as Uhura (Star Trek)

Rubie's Costume Star Trek Into Darkness Uhura Dress
Star Trek Women's Secret Wishes Sexy Uhura Costume

One of my favorite things about the Star Trek reboot is getting to see one of media's most iconic African American characters back on the big screen again - I love Uhura! Even if I'm not a fan of the Spock/Uhura ship, she still kicks ass in my book. Since I've done a Star Wars post already, I'd be betraying my Trekkie instincts not to make some Star Trek costume guides, so here's two cute costumes for all you nerdy girls out there! On the left we have Uhura's costume from the reboot, while on the right we have her look from the original TV series. Both of them look fantastic!

I've also found a cute and easy makeup tutorial for doing the 'cats-eye' sort of makeup effect that Uhura wears in both incarnations. It is very easy to follow and a lot of fun, so I highly recommend watching it if you are planning to dress up as Uhura for Halloween or any other costume event. I hope you have a lot of fun! Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more cool costume ideas for women!

Top 10 Mermaid Costumes for Women for Halloween

Woman's Metallic Mermaid Costume
Are you ready to party under the sea for your next costume event? Whether it's Halloween or a summer pool party, mermaid costumes are the perfect way to inject a ton of color and exotic energy into a fancy dress event and will make any woman stand out! There are a lot of wonderful ones out there, so I thought I would collect my favorites onto this page for all of you to take a look at. Let's get started! For those of you from the UK and EU, you can find great mermaid costumes here.

California Costumes Women's Sea Siren Mermaid Costume
Leg Avenue Disney 3 Pc. Deluxe Ariel

Many mermaid costumes are blue like the ocean and sky, and these are some of the prettiest and most elegant of the sea-faring outfits out there. I've just picked out a few of my favorites to show you here, such as California Costume's Sea Siren and Leg Avenue's Ariel. The former comes with the dress and two cute starfish hairclips, which look really adorable and give the costume a personal touch.

California Costumes Women's Mesmerizing Mermaid Costume
Here's an unusual thing: there are actually very few skirt and bikini top mermaid costumes out there, even though that's the look that we most commonly associate with mermaids. Its a bit sad, but there are some really cute ones out there nonetheless. For example, check out the mesmerizing halter neck bikini and blue tail skirt costume featured above - it looks amazing!

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Mermaid Fitted Gown
InCharacter Costumes Mesmerizing Mermaid

Are you the sort of sea-faring gal who needs her costumes to look perfectly pretty in pink? Well you'll be blown away by the feminine and elegant pink mermaid costumes that are available out there. If you are more of a hot pink person, the one on the left will look stunning on you, while pastel pink fans will fall in love with sexy asymmetrical skirt costume on the left. 

Party King Sweet Mermaid Costume
Here's a very unique looking costume that looks similar to the outfit of Disney's The Little Mermaid protagonist, Princess Ariel, but one that would also look beautiful outside of a Disney themed costume party too. It comes with the see-through shell bra bodysuit and the shiny and shimmering sea green mermaid tail skirt. It's truly lovely!

Roma Costume 2 Piece Mermaid Mistress
Roma Costume 2 Piece Sexy Sea Siren

Finally, how about something more sumptuous, Gothic and alluringly dark? Yes, you can get bad girl mermaids too, surfing the edge with their gorgeous black tails luring sailors to their doom. These two costumes are really unique looking and are sure to make you stand out a mile away from the rest of the crow. Both come with a slimming boned corset and an incredible mermaid tail skirt. 

Womens Mystic Mermaid Adult Halloween Costume
So there you have it! My top ten personal favorite mermaid costumes for Halloween. I hope you liked my picks and found one that is perfect for you! If you liked this post and are still looking for the right costume for your fancy dress event, then you might like to take a look at the rest of my blog, where you will find hundreds more costumes and costume ideas for women for all occasions! Have fun!

How to Dress Up as Emily (Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride)

Corpse Bride Dlx Adult Costume
Big fan of Tim Burton movies? Why not dress up as the titular Corpse Bride for Halloween? Above is the perfect costume for cosplaying as Emily, which comes with the gorgeous dress, the blue and white wig and the matching veil, and you can get a cute dying flowers style bouquet to finish off the look. If you like your costumes to show off a little more skin, you can get a very sexy version of the costume with a revealing asymmetrical skirt here

Next, you'll need to do up your hair! Emily has blue hair, and you can find a great blue wig to pull off the look right here. Last but not least, you'll need some pretty elaborate makeup if you want to look exactly like the Corpse Bride, but it is actually easier to recreate than you might think. Above is a wonderful tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know!

Top Five Little Red Riding Hood Costumes for Women

Secret Wishes Sexy Red Riding Hood Costume
Why have I done a Little Red Riding Hood costume post? All the better to party with! Classic fairy tale costumes always go down well at any costume event, and Little Red Riding Hood is no different. This post is going to be featuring a couple of my favorites, starting with the classic look costume above by Secret Wishes. It comes with the dress and the cute little hooded cape. I advise combining it with a white petticoat like this one to give the skirt some volume. Oh, and if you are shopping from the UK or EU, find the costumes you need here.

California Costumes Women's Red Riding Hood Costume
California Costumes Miss Red Riding Hood

There are many takes on the classic Little Red Riding Hood look, and no two costumes look alike. Above I've chosen two great examples of this, the first a lovely gingham pattern version of the costume and the second an unusual and bold asymmetrical skirted costume with an eye-catching corset and bow. Both costumes come with the gorgeous dresses and the matching red capelets.

California Costumes Women's Dark Red Riding Hood
California Costumes Women's Red Riding Hood

Finally, there is a very unique and novel sort of 'dark' Red Riding Hood costume, with a Gothic aesthetic, lots of lace, frills and deep shades of red. They are a great costume choice if you want to try something a little different and really stand out from the rest of the crowd. I've included two of my favorite costumes in this style above - and they are truly gorgeous!

Top 5 Egyptian Queen and Goddess Costumes

California Costumes Women's Eye Candy - Egyptian Goddess Adult
The Egyptian style is one of the most unique and iconic looks in history, with dramatic makeup, golden and bejeweled outfits and designs that look absolutely stunning. Its a very recognizable and sexy choice for a Halloween costume theme too, and there is a huge variety of costumes to choose from. This post is going to be looking at my top five personal favorites! Let's get started.

Adult Cleopatra Costume
First of all, featured at the top of this blog post, is a stunning, sleek and figure hugging little black dress with Egyptian style detail and accessories. The shimmering colors, the sheer sleeves and the crimping in the dress all make this an incredibly unique costume that is sure to make you stand out in the crowd! Each costume comes with the dress, the glovelettes with netting, the golden belt, the Queen's crown and the Egyptian collar. You can find the matching shoes here and the staff here, while the golden snake armbands are available here. These optional accessories would look incredible with most of the costumes on this page. 

Woman's Egyptian Goddess Costume
Next up, featured on the right, is a costume for all of you ladies who want to dress up as Egypt's most famous and powerful queen, the stunning Cleopatra. This is a really beautiful costume too, with an iconic and recognizable white dress as the base of the costume and a beautiful flowing blue train. With each set you get the dress, the collar, the gauntlets and cape, as well as the matching headpiece. If you are looking for a costume which shows off a little more skin, you can get a similar style of costume but with in a sexy two piece form that shows off your mid-riff.

The previous two costumes not have enough golden glamour for you? Well the one on the left might just be perfect! Each set comes with the gorgeous golden dress and matching cape, the arm and wristbands, the collar, and a wonderful ornate belt to finish off the look. It is sure to make you look simply amazing!

Dreamgirl Queen Of De Nile, Red
Red is actually a very under-used color in Egyptian costumes, which is a real shame since it is so bold and brings out a really sexy shape in many women. I have actually been able to find a red costume that I really like, the Dreamgirl Queen of De Nile costume featured above. Doesn't it look pretty? Each set comes with the dress, the armbands and the lovely headpiece.

InCharacter Costumes Pharaoh's Treasure
Our last costume returns to the sandy and demure sorts of colors common to the Egyptian style of dress, with of course a bold dash of blue to make it stand out from the crowd. The plunging collar is incredibly sexy, and the asymmetrical skirt adds an unusual flair to the end result. Each set comes with the dress, the colorful collar, as well as a matching headpiece.  

Before you go, here's fun tip for dressing up as an Egyptian queen or goddess: make sure you make up your face with that iconic, bold and stark Egyptian makeup look. You can find a wonderful tutorial on how to do Egyptian style makeup right here.

So there you have it! My top five personal favorite Egyptian queen and goddess costumes for women for Halloween. I hope you found one that is just perfect for you, and have a lot of fun going trick or treating on the town. If you liked this post and are still hunting for the right costume, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more amazing costume ideas for women for absolutely any occasion. See you around!

Group Costume Ideas for Women: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Secret Wishes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Raphael Costume
How crazy are you about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Really crazy? Well you are in luck! If you are looking to dress up as the turtles with your friends this Halloween, you have a lot of options to choose from, and this post is going to be looking at my favorites! Top of my list is the style of costume featured above, a fun halterneck dress with Asian-style hanging sleeves. Each set comes with the kimono, the mask, belt, armbands, and a stuffable shell on the back. You can can the other turtles in this style of costume too: Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Donatello. All of the turtles' weapons can be found on Amazon too.

Disguise Sassy Deluxe Raphael
Here's another style of costume that I think looks really awesome; a shiny and sassy short-skirted affair with a seriously sexy design! Each set comes with the luxurious green dress, a cute turtle shell backpack,  the wrist bands and the colorful eye mask. If you want to match them with the bold red boots the model is wearing, you can find those here! You can also get Michelangelo, Donatello, and Leonardo at those respective links. 

Secret Wishes  Costume Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello
Lastly, we have this unique style of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume, ready to rock out to the pizza party. I just love the sheer netting detail on the skirt and the very bright and bold contrast of colors on this design. Each costume set comes with the beautiful dress costume, the shell purse, the colorful gauntlets and the eye mask. You can also get the costume for Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael

Rubie's Costume Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe April O'neil Jumpsuit
If you are going to the event or party as a group of five, the fifth person need not feel left out! After all, every ninja turtle team need their very own dashing reporter to record their exploits. Here's a lovely April O'Neil costume that fits the bill perfectly! There you go, all of my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes. I hope you found a set that is perfect for you! If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog!

How to Cosplay as Queen Ravenna from Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and The Huntsman Adult Queen Ravenna Skull Dress Costume
(Available in the UK and EU here)
Here's a villain costume that I love to bits: Queen Ravenna from Snow White and the Huntsman. While she has a number of outfits in that movie, her most iconic one, the black gown with elaborate crown, is my personal favorite, and I've found an amazing replica of it that I would like to share with you all. It's featured above, and you get both the amazing ball gown and the black crown with every set.

As well as the costume, I also found this cool tutorial on how to do Queen Ravenna's make up, so you can have a Halloween or fancy dress party costume which is really true to the source material! I hope you have a lot of fun. If you are still on the hunt for the perfect costume for your event, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more fun costume ideas for women for all occasions. 

How to Dress Up as Betty Boop for Halloween

Fun World Costumes Women's Betty Boop (Gown) Adult Costume
Want a costume that is bold and seriously sexy? Why not dress up as Betty Boop for Halloween or your next costume party? Above it the perfect costume to pull off the look! It comes with everything you need: the slinky red gown, the black wig, a pair of earrings, bangle bracelets, and the cute heart garter. If you want a shorter skirt, here's a similar costume with the same accessories!

Once you have your costume ready, you will need to do your makeup in that iconic cartoon style. Above is an awesome tutorial that will show you everything you need to do to look stunning for the big night! I hope you have a ton of fun dressing up, and if you'd like to see more costume ideas, be sure to check out the rest of my blog!

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Group Costume Ideas for Women: The Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon Cosplay Costume - Tsukino Usagi 1st Ver
Sailor Moon Golden Long Cosplay Wig Costume Wigs

Who else is super excited to hear about a new Sailor Moon show coming out? I know I am! That's why I've decided to add a Sailor Moon themed post to my roster for all you girls who are hoping to head out with your friends dressed as the Sailor Scouts to a Convention or for Halloween. First up, featured above, we have a wig and a costume that provides everything you need to dress up as the leading lady, Sailor Moon! You can find even more advise on cosplaying as her here.
Sailor moon cosplay Sailor Mars Cosplay

Sailor Moon Mercury Full Set Blue Cosplay Costume

Secondly, we have costumes above for the next two Sailor Scouts to be introduced: the contrasting powers and personalities of Fire and Water, Sailor Mercury and Mars! Sailor Mars, a.k.a. Rei Hino, is a great choice for any girl with a fiery personality, while Mercury, also known as Ami Mizuno, works well for more quiet and demure, but very intelligent girls. You can get the matching wig for the Sailor Mercury costume here and the wig for the Sailor Mars costume here.

Sailor Moon Cosplay Sailor Jupiter Kino Makoto
InCogneato - Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter Wig Adult 

Want to make your night electric? Then be sure to bag your position as the Sailor Jupiter of the group! Her real name is Lina Kino, and her lightning powers are sure to zap the bad guys out of existence. Above is everything you need to cosplay as her - a cute brown haired wig and a sexy senshi costume which comes with the dress, the neck ribbon, the bow-knots, a pair of gloves and a headpiece.

Sailor Moon Cosplay Sailor Venus Aino Minako
Sailor Moon - Sailor Chibi Moon Tsukino Chibiusa

Next up, we have the beautiful and glamorous Sailor Venus, or Mina Aino as she is known outside of her secret identity. She's definitely the most chic of the sailor scouts, so if you have a fashionista in your group, Sailor Venus might be the perfect role for her! Meanwhile, on the right is the costume you will need if you want to dress up as Sailor Mini-Moon, or Chibi-Usa in the Japanese. As Sailor Moon's daughter, and therefore the youngest Scout, she is best played by the youngest member of your group!

Sailor Moon Cosplay CostumeSailor Uranus Tenoh Haruka
Sailor moon cosplay sailor Neptune Cosplay

Here is a great costume idea for a pair of friends who just can't be separated: the close duo (be they lovers or cousins depending on which version of the show you watched!) of Sailor Uranus (costume on the left) and Neptune (featured on the right), or Amara Tenoh and Michelle Kaioh as they go by in the real world. You can find a very pretty Sailor Neptune wig to go with the costume here, while a Sailor Uranus wig is available here.

Sailor Moon Sailor Saturn Tomoe Hotaru Uniform
Next up, we have the Sailor of death, destruction, and slightly more optimistically, rebirth, the beautiful and cute Sailor Saturn! Her real name is Hotaru Tomoe, and you can actually get two different versions of her costume - the pretty frilly one above, or a more classic purple one which you can find here. You can find a black bob wig to finish off the look right here.

Sailor Moon Sailor Pluto Meiou Setsuna Uniform
Last but not least, we have the dark and distant Sailor Pluto, guardian of time, and part-time physics student in her real-world disguise as Trista Meioh. This costume has a beautiful gothic look which I really like. If you don't already have long blank hair like Pluto's, don't worry! You can pick up a gorgeous long black wig here to do all the work for you. And don't let anyone tell you that Pluto isn't a planet anymore! 

Group Costume Ideas for Women: The Wizard of Oz

Rubie's Costume Women's Wizard Of Oz Adult Dorothy Dress and Hair Bows
Are you off to see the wizard for your next group fancy dress outing? Where you are in luck, because here is a guide to all of the best fun Wizard of Oz themed women's costume out there for you and your friends to choose from. First and foremost, every Oz team needs a Dorothy, and above it the perfect costume for it! Once you have this costume, all you will need is a cute pair of ruby slippers, a matching wig, and of course Toto in Dorothy's little basket.

Secret Wishes Wizard Of Oz
Tin Woman Costume
Wizard Of Oz Secret Wishes
Cowardly Lioness Costume
Rubie's Costume Co Wizard Of Oz
Scarecrow Costume

Once you've chosen which of you will be Dorothy, it's time for her three faithful travelling companions to join her: the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow! Above I've featured three perfect costumes to help you fit the role - each is available in a variety of normal sized as well as plus sizes. The Tin Man costume doesn't come with the axe, but you can buy that separately here. Otherwise, you get everything you can see in the picture!

Wizard Of Oz Glinda Costume
InCharacter Costumes Women's Witch Adult

Lastly, if you are going to the party with a big group, why not include the two witches in your group costume bonanza? On the left I've featured a simply stunning Glinda the Good Witch costume, which is also available in a sexy short-skirted version at the same link. Meanwhile, on the left is a fun Wicked Witch of the West costume, and you can get matching socks here, some witchy shoes here, and some green face paint here. A broom would go well with it too. You can find more Wicked Witch costumes for women and kids here.

How to Dress up as Mother Gothel (Disney's Tangled)

Walt Disney World Tangled Mother Gothel Long Black Curly Wave Hair Cosplay Wigs
Here's a real tragedy to all the Tangled fans out there: finding a good Mother Gothel costume to wear for Halloween, a convention or a costume party is seriously hard. Well, fear not! This post is going to be looking at the bits and bobs you'll need to put together the costume from scratch - it's pretty easy and the end result will look amazing! 

Red Gown Costume
First of all, you will need Mother Gothel's iconic red dress. I recommend you pick up the Renaissance red gown on the red to act as a substitute; it's perfect color-wise and pretty close in terms of pattern and decor. Here's a similar dress without the yellow adornments on the shoulder and more bohemian sleeves. One you have the dress, you just need to add a thick, velvet black cloak with a hood on top of it: you can find a perfect one right here!

Halloween Costume Girls
Renaissance Princess

Shopping for a good Gothel costume for kids is a little harder as there are fewer dresses that really work, but the one on the left, or this dress here or this ball gown, combined with a suitable velvet cloak like this one will look pretty good.

Once the costume is ready, it is time to finish off the look with some accessories and finishing touches. At the top of this post you can find a beautiful Mother Gothel wig that will save you a lot of time with a curling iron (not mention a lot of hair damage!), and here you can find a wonderful tutorial on how to do your makeup like Mother Gothel. Lastly, here's a set of replica flowers that look similar to the healing flower from the movie.

If you are heading out with a friend, why not check out this Rapunzel costume guide and go together as a Rapunzel and Mother Gothel two-some? Mother knows best after all!