Monday, 18 August 2014

How to Dress up as Mother Gothel (Disney's Tangled)

Walt Disney World Tangled Mother Gothel Long Black Curly Wave Hair Cosplay Wigs
Here's a real tragedy to all the Tangled fans out there: finding a good Mother Gothel costume to wear for Halloween, a convention or a costume party is seriously hard. Well, fear not! This post is going to be looking at the bits and bobs you'll need to put together the costume from scratch - it's pretty easy and the end result will look amazing! 

Red Gown Costume
First of all, you will need Mother Gothel's iconic red dress. I recommend you pick up the Renaissance red gown on the red to act as a substitute; it's perfect color-wise and pretty close in terms of pattern and decor. Here's a similar dress without the yellow adornments on the shoulder and more bohemian sleeves. One you have the dress, you just need to add a thick, velvet black cloak with a hood on top of it: you can find a perfect one right here!

Halloween Costume Girls
Renaissance Princess

Shopping for a good Gothel costume for kids is a little harder as there are fewer dresses that really work, but the one on the left, or this dress here or this ball gown, combined with a suitable velvet cloak like this one will look pretty good.

Once the costume is ready, it is time to finish off the look with some accessories and finishing touches. At the top of this post you can find a beautiful Mother Gothel wig that will save you a lot of time with a curling iron (not mention a lot of hair damage!), and here you can find a wonderful tutorial on how to do your makeup like Mother Gothel. Lastly, here's a set of replica flowers that look similar to the healing flower from the movie.

If you are heading out with a friend, why not check out this Rapunzel costume guide and go together as a Rapunzel and Mother Gothel two-some? Mother knows best after all!

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