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How to Dress Up as Disney's Princess Cinderella

Deluxe Cinderella Costume
Not every princess is clad from head to toe in pink, and nowhere does blue look prettier than in the luscious ball gown of Disney's classic Princess Cinderella. This is an absolutely beautiful and stunning look, which makes it the perfect costume for any woman who want to look and feel like royalty for Halloween or another party event. This is my guide to dressing up as Cinderella! If you are shopping from the UK or EU, go here for Cinderella costumes.

Disguise Disney Cinderella
Adult Deluxe Costume
First of all, at the top of this page, we have my personal favorite of the Cinderella costumes available out there. I love the sheer fur cape that you get with dress, and the glittering detail on the gown is just amazing. With this set you get a cape, the dress, the choker, a headband and even the white ball room gloves. I recommend also buying a hooped petticoat skirt like this one to go underneath the skirt and give it that lovely volume.

Celina Women's Cinderella
Satin Cosplay Costume Set
A similar costume in lighter colors and featuring a gorgeous sheer layered dress skirt is available on the right. I also recommend getting a petticoat for this dress as well, both as it can be a bit too see-through against some skin tones and to give it a bit of lift.

Next up in the costume department, if you are looking for something a little shorter and sexier so you can show off your sassy side, then check out the lovely Celina Cinderella Cosplay on the left. I love the little sheer puffy sleeves and the silky material of the dress! It's really cute and sure to make you look amazing on the night of the ball. Just don't be late!
Still not short and sexy enough for you? This beautiful Cindy costume is certain to fit the bill. The material is lovely and silky, the skirt sassy and ruffled, and you even get the cute headband and choker with every costume set. I think this costume would look even better with a white tutu like this one under the skirt to give it some volume.

Ellie Shoes Women's Heel Clear
Slipper with Silver Glitter Heart
Naturally, no Cinderella costume is truly complete without some amazing glass slippers for you to leave behind at the ball. There are a number of transparent slipper style shoes you can use for your costume, depending on how confident you are with heels. The ones I used for my costume were the ones on the right - I'm not great with heels, and these were absolutely lovely! If you are a big fan of heels however, here are an absolutely stunning pair that would match a Cinderella costume perfectly.

Next up, Cindy's hair. If you have long hair and want to have a go at styling it yourself, I recommend you check out this fun Youtube tutorial on how to pull off the look. If not, you can use a wig to pull off the same effect. Cinderella wigs are actually quite hard to come by in women's sizes, however. I've found the cute one on the right, but it comes in quite a small size, so I would only recommend it if you are quite petite.

Light Blond Cinderella Style Wig
Another cute wig I've found that I think would match a Cinderella costume quite well is the golden hair wig on the right: the color is a little dark, but the style is just perfect.

Golden Anime Girl Hair Cosplay Wig
So that was my guide to dressing up like the beautiful and elegant Princess Cinderella. I hope you found some costume ideas that are just perfect for you! If you are still costume hunting, be sure to check out the rest of this blog. In particular, you might like to look at all of the other Disney costume guides I've written, available here.

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