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Group Costume Ideas for Women: The Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon Cosplay Costume - Tsukino Usagi 1st Ver
Sailor Moon Golden Long Cosplay Wig Costume Wigs

Who else is super excited to hear about a new Sailor Moon show coming out? I know I am! That's why I've decided to add a Sailor Moon themed post to my roster for all you girls who are hoping to head out with your friends dressed as the Sailor Scouts to a Convention or for Halloween. First up, featured above, we have a wig and a costume that provides everything you need to dress up as the leading lady, Sailor Moon! You can find even more advise on cosplaying as her here.
Sailor moon cosplay Sailor Mars Cosplay

Sailor Moon Mercury Full Set Blue Cosplay Costume

Secondly, we have costumes above for the next two Sailor Scouts to be introduced: the contrasting powers and personalities of Fire and Water, Sailor Mercury and Mars! Sailor Mars, a.k.a. Rei Hino, is a great choice for any girl with a fiery personality, while Mercury, also known as Ami Mizuno, works well for more quiet and demure, but very intelligent girls. You can get the matching wig for the Sailor Mercury costume here and the wig for the Sailor Mars costume here.

Sailor Moon Cosplay Sailor Jupiter Kino Makoto
InCogneato - Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter Wig Adult 

Want to make your night electric? Then be sure to bag your position as the Sailor Jupiter of the group! Her real name is Lina Kino, and her lightning powers are sure to zap the bad guys out of existence. Above is everything you need to cosplay as her - a cute brown haired wig and a sexy senshi costume which comes with the dress, the neck ribbon, the bow-knots, a pair of gloves and a headpiece.

Sailor Moon Cosplay Sailor Venus Aino Minako
Sailor Moon - Sailor Chibi Moon Tsukino Chibiusa

Next up, we have the beautiful and glamorous Sailor Venus, or Mina Aino as she is known outside of her secret identity. She's definitely the most chic of the sailor scouts, so if you have a fashionista in your group, Sailor Venus might be the perfect role for her! Meanwhile, on the right is the costume you will need if you want to dress up as Sailor Mini-Moon, or Chibi-Usa in the Japanese. As Sailor Moon's daughter, and therefore the youngest Scout, she is best played by the youngest member of your group!

Sailor Moon Cosplay CostumeSailor Uranus Tenoh Haruka
Sailor moon cosplay sailor Neptune Cosplay

Here is a great costume idea for a pair of friends who just can't be separated: the close duo (be they lovers or cousins depending on which version of the show you watched!) of Sailor Uranus (costume on the left) and Neptune (featured on the right), or Amara Tenoh and Michelle Kaioh as they go by in the real world. You can find a very pretty Sailor Neptune wig to go with the costume here, while a Sailor Uranus wig is available here.

Sailor Moon Sailor Saturn Tomoe Hotaru Uniform
Next up, we have the Sailor of death, destruction, and slightly more optimistically, rebirth, the beautiful and cute Sailor Saturn! Her real name is Hotaru Tomoe, and you can actually get two different versions of her costume - the pretty frilly one above, or a more classic purple one which you can find here. You can find a black bob wig to finish off the look right here.

Sailor Moon Sailor Pluto Meiou Setsuna Uniform
Last but not least, we have the dark and distant Sailor Pluto, guardian of time, and part-time physics student in her real-world disguise as Trista Meioh. This costume has a beautiful gothic look which I really like. If you don't already have long blank hair like Pluto's, don't worry! You can pick up a gorgeous long black wig here to do all the work for you. And don't let anyone tell you that Pluto isn't a planet anymore! 

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