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Top Ten Fairy Costumes for Women

Forum Novelties Deluxe Designer Collection Emerald Fairy Costume
Whether you are dressing up for Halloween or a Birthday party, or indeed any other event, a fairy costume is a classic look that can be made to suit any occasion. They comes in a crazy number of colors and styles, so there is bound to be one that makes you look absolutely stunning! This post is going to be looking at my personal top ten favorite fairy costumes, so be sure to read on!

California Costumes Rose
Fairy Costume
Secret Wishes Sugar Plum Fairy
Costume With Wings
Secret Wishes Enchanted
Fairy Costume

If you are big girly-girl and need your fairy costume to look pretty and perfect in pink, then one of these three cute costumes should work wonders for you! Each costume comes with the beautiful dress and the matching fairy wings, as well as some very cute sheer sleeves (the one on the right even comes with some hair clips!). You can get some fun matching accessories for each, such as these adorable rose hair clips for the Rose Fairy costume on the left.

Secret Wishes Sexy Fantasy Fairy Costume

Meanwhile, if blue is your thing, maybe one of the two costumes above or the beautiful long skirted peacock fairy costume below is your perfect costume. The one on the left is my personal favorite, with it's glittery corset and sexy short skirt. Plus, it looks like a short skirted version of the Blue Fairy's dress for Pinocchio, which makes it perfect for a Disney themed costume party.

Womens Peacock Fairy Costume
Leg Avenue Woodland Fairy Costume
Another style of fairy costume that I particularly like are costumes that emulate nature, either animals, flowers and even seasons. Take for example the amazing asymmetrical skirted beauty above. The corset lacing, the peacock feather detail on the waist and the lacy sheer sleeves look truly spectacular. You also get a very cute matching peacock hair piece with every set to finish off the look.

Rubie's Costume Harvest
Moon Fairy Costume
If that particular nature themed fairy costume doesn't take your fancy, fear not, because there are plenty more wonderful pieces! For example, take a look at the elegant and refined Leg Avenue Woodland Fairy costume on the right. I really love how the skirt is cut and arranged to look like the petals on a flower. It looks really quite magical.

If you want to give the skirt a bit of lift and color like in the picture, then you'll want to pick up this beautiful purple petticoat.

On the left is a slightly more unusual nature themed fairy costume: an almost tribal nature look based on the Fall season. I especially like the Autumn leaf fringe on the base of the skirt - it looks very unusual and unique. This costume comes with the matching pixie wings.

Last, but not least, if you are looking for a spooky fairy costume for Halloween, then I've got the perfect one for you: the slinky and sexy gothic black fairy costume featured below. The off the shoulder look is very enticing, and I love the petal detail on the hem of the dress and the sheer sleeves. Naturally, you get the sleek silver wings with this costume set.

Fairy of Darkness Adult Costume
Voila! Those were my top ten personal favorite fairy costumes in all sorts of different styles and colors. I hope you found one that is perfect for you! If you liked this post and would like to see more, you might want to check out the rest of my blog, where you'll find plenty more amazing costume ideas for women, for all sorts of occasions. I hope you have a lot of fun partying!

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