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How to Cosplay as Yuna from Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X Cosplay Costume Yuna Summon Set
I've been crazy about the Final Fantasy series ever since I played Final Fantasy 8 on the PS2 at the age of seven, and I've played all of them since. Definitely in my top ten is the beautiful and character driven game of Final Fantasy X, especially given its wonderful, demure but emotionally powerful protagonist, Yuna. This post goes out to all you Final Fantasy 10 lovers who want to dress up as the summoner! If you are shopping from the UK or EU, go here for Yuna costumes.

Cosplay Final Fantasy X-2
Yuna Halloween Costume
First of all, featured at the top of this post if an absolutely stunning replica of Yuna's summoner costume from Final Fantasy 10. The colors and the detail on this costume is absolutely spot on, and the designer can make it to your measurements, so it is sure to fit really well.

I admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Final Fantasy X-2, even if it was a bit of a...radical departure from the tone of the original game. It was fun and bubbly at least, and that really shines through in the new costume Yuna got for that game, which I also love. If you want to dress up as post-Yevon Yuna, check out the amazing costume on the right.

Final Fantasy X Blue Stone Necklace
Once you have the costume, you still aren't done! Yuna has a lot of very iconic jewelry that she wears, so it's definitely worth picking up some replicas if you want to be faithful to the source material. Most of them aren't too expensive, which is great. 

A replica if Yuna's bell necklace from the first game can be found here, her beautiful lotus flower ring can be bought here, and her pearl bracelet can be picked up here. Her earring can be found here.

If you want to treat yourself to a really special piece, why not take a look at the amazing replica of the blue crystal necklace that Tidus gifted Yuna in Final Fantasy 10? It's featured on the left.

FINAL FANTASY X Cosplay Props Yuna Yuna 2th double guns
Now it's time to finish off the look. If you have short brown hair, just wear it with a parting down the middle, and if you don't, be sure to pick up the cute wig on the right. Add some cute accessories and props to the costume if you have a little budget left to spare. A costume based on the first game should include Yuna's Summoner's staff (which you can find here), while a costume based on the sequel could use some cute hand pistols like the amazing replica ones above.

Japan Final Fantasy Yuna Cosplay Wig
So there you have it! My guide to creating the perfect Yuna costume. It's as easy peasy as that! I hope you found some ideas that are perfect for you and have a great time cosplaying as your favorite Final Fantasy character. If you liked this post and want to see more great cosplay ideas, you should check out the rest of my blog for even more wonderful costumes for women in all sorts of styles. I'm sure you'll find some good ones!

In particular, if you are really into Final Fantasy, I've made a number of other guides for cosplaying as various characters across the series, which you can find here. Have fun!

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