Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Perfect Princess Fiona Costumes for Women and Girls (Shrek)

Princess Fiona Costume Dress
(UK and EU costumes available here)
Shrek Child's Deluxe Costume
Princess Fiona Costume
Shrek was a really iconic movie back in the day, one of the first mainstream hits to really subvert the normal fantasy tropes. We all remember the ass-kicking but emotionally torn Princess Fiona, and her memorable look makes an awesome Halloween costume! Fancy dressing up as her? Well you are in luck, because there are lots of wonderful costumes out there!

Above is her cute green costume dress from the first movies, and you can find her more ornate gown from later movies here. With both costumes you get the matching ogre ears head piece.

If you are looking for child's sizes, here's a child's version of the one above, while on the right is a cute child's version of the Princess Fiona coronation dress from later films. They look so adorable, she is sure to love them!

If you don't have long brown hair that you can plat to create Fiona's hairstyle, I recommend picking up this lovely licensed wig, which includes adorable attached ogre ears. With your hair looking stunning, all you need to do now is follow the tutorial video that I've featured above to paint your face green like an ogre's and perfect your makeup! Voila!

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