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Top 5 Egyptian Queen and Goddess Costumes

California Costumes Women's Eye Candy - Egyptian Goddess Adult
The Egyptian style is one of the most unique and iconic looks in history, with dramatic makeup, golden and bejeweled outfits and designs that look absolutely stunning. Its a very recognizable and sexy choice for a Halloween costume theme too, and there is a huge variety of costumes to choose from. This post is going to be looking at my top five personal favorites! Let's get started.

Adult Cleopatra Costume
First of all, featured at the top of this blog post, is a stunning, sleek and figure hugging little black dress with Egyptian style detail and accessories. The shimmering colors, the sheer sleeves and the crimping in the dress all make this an incredibly unique costume that is sure to make you stand out in the crowd! Each costume comes with the dress, the glovelettes with netting, the golden belt, the Queen's crown and the Egyptian collar. You can find the matching shoes here and the staff here, while the golden snake armbands are available here. These optional accessories would look incredible with most of the costumes on this page. 

Woman's Egyptian Goddess Costume
Next up, featured on the right, is a costume for all of you ladies who want to dress up as Egypt's most famous and powerful queen, the stunning Cleopatra. This is a really beautiful costume too, with an iconic and recognizable white dress as the base of the costume and a beautiful flowing blue train. With each set you get the dress, the collar, the gauntlets and cape, as well as the matching headpiece. If you are looking for a costume which shows off a little more skin, you can get a similar style of costume but with in a sexy two piece form that shows off your mid-riff.

The previous two costumes not have enough golden glamour for you? Well the one on the left might just be perfect! Each set comes with the gorgeous golden dress and matching cape, the arm and wristbands, the collar, and a wonderful ornate belt to finish off the look. It is sure to make you look simply amazing!

Dreamgirl Queen Of De Nile, Red
Red is actually a very under-used color in Egyptian costumes, which is a real shame since it is so bold and brings out a really sexy shape in many women. I have actually been able to find a red costume that I really like, the Dreamgirl Queen of De Nile costume featured above. Doesn't it look pretty? Each set comes with the dress, the armbands and the lovely headpiece.

InCharacter Costumes Pharaoh's Treasure
Our last costume returns to the sandy and demure sorts of colors common to the Egyptian style of dress, with of course a bold dash of blue to make it stand out from the crowd. The plunging collar is incredibly sexy, and the asymmetrical skirt adds an unusual flair to the end result. Each set comes with the dress, the colorful collar, as well as a matching headpiece.  

Before you go, here's fun tip for dressing up as an Egyptian queen or goddess: make sure you make up your face with that iconic, bold and stark Egyptian makeup look. You can find a wonderful tutorial on how to do Egyptian style makeup right here.

So there you have it! My top five personal favorite Egyptian queen and goddess costumes for women for Halloween. I hope you found one that is just perfect for you, and have a lot of fun going trick or treating on the town. If you liked this post and are still hunting for the right costume, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more amazing costume ideas for women for absolutely any occasion. See you around!

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