Thursday, 14 August 2014

Top Five Wonder Woman Costumes

DC Comics Secret Wishes Wonder Woman Corset Costume
DC Comics Deluxe Wonder Woman Adult Costume

Hey there! Are you looking to take on the mantle of truth and fight for justice this Halloween or for your next party? Why not dress up as the powerful and beautiful Wonder Woman, by DC Comics? There are loads of fun and lovely Wonder Woman costumes out there, and this post is going to be looking at just my favorites. To start us off, above are two amazing Wonder Woman costumes that emulate her classic look from the comics.

Forplay Women's Super Seductress Costume Set
Alternatively, if you fancy something seriously short and sexy, there are a number of bodysuit Wonder Woman costumes out there that will fit your mood amazingly. The one above is my personal favorite - it's really bright and the metallic look works very well. Each costume comes with the bodysuit, the cape, the headband, the gauntlets as well as the golden lasso. You can get matching stockings here.

DC Comics Secret Wishes Wonder Woman Corset And Tutu Costume
I always like my costumes to be a little unusual, which is why I've included this beautiful option in my list. The gorgeous tutu mini skirt and bow look of this costume is very unique, and combines cuteness and sex appeal into one costume! Pretty cool. Each set of this costume comes with the red and yellow corset, the blue tutu, the red cape and the matching gauntlets.

Wonder Woman Secret Wishes Sexy Costume
Last, but certainly not least, if you aren't a skirts and dresses sort of person, have no fear, because featured above is the perfect Wonder Woman costume for you! This lovely trouser suit super hero costume comes with the Wonder Woman headband, the choker, and belt with lasso of truth, the pants, the red top, the cute blue bolero, and of course, the gauntlets. You can also get the matching boots you see in the picture here.

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