Thursday, 22 May 2014

How to Dress up as Columbia (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Forum The Rocky Horror Picture Show Columbia Costume
(Available in the UK and EU here)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Columbia Wig
How do you do I - see you've found my - humble, costume bloooooog. Ahem. So yeah, it suddenly hit me that I don't have any posts on dressing up on the characters from my favorite movie of all time (tied with the Princess Bride), The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is especially egregious given that I dress up as Columbia pretty much every time the movie is show at my local student theater, so lets get that fixed now. 

The costume above is the one I own, and its just lovely. It comes with everything you see in the picture aside from the wig, which you can pick up separately on the right if you don't have short hair. The hat that comes with it is a little floppy though, so I recommend picking up this one to replace it. 

Finally, check out the tutorial below to learn how to get the Columbia makeup look down perfectly. Its really cool! Oh, and also be sure to check out my post on cosplaying as Magenta from the movie too. Have fun!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Group Costumes for Women: Cops and Robbers

Dreamgirl - Double Trouble (Reversible) Adult Costume
A fun and easy to pull off for a group costume outing is cops and robbers, where half of you go as the fuzz, and the other half go on the run! The above costume is a great place to start: its reversible, so you can switch up your roles if you get bored. There's plenty other different styles of prisoner costume available, check out my post here for my favorites! I also have a post on police costumes for women here. If you are going as a robber, be sure to pick up a robber mask and prop money bag to go with your prisoner costume.

A fun related idea that you might want to check out is Prison Guards and Prisoners.

Top Five Police Outfits for Women

Roma Costume 7 Piece Police, Black/Blue
Seven Til Midnight Women's Patrol
Its time to suit up and lay down the law this Halloween, and here's the costume theme to help you do it so well it ought to be criminal: sexy policewomen! Its a classic look that easy to pull off and s guaranteed to leave you looking fantastic. This post will be featuring my top five. Also, if you're interested in a group costume idea, why not check out my top five prisoner costumes as well as this post and play cops and robbers with your friends? Anyway, lets get started, shall we? If you are shopping from the UK or EU, find loads of fantastic police woman outfits here.

Up above is a cute blue and black cop costume that comes with an insane amount of accessories, which makes it a very good deal. Each set comes with the mini-dress, a belt, a matching hat, police badge, some sexy handcuffs, a baton and and a walkie-talkie. To finish off the look, why not pick up some matching aviator sunglasses here?

If you are more of a navy blue girl, check out the dress on the right for a pretty and beautiful style. This one comes with the ruffle skirt dress, the black belt, a hat, a baton and, of course, some handcuffs. If you want a similar look without a tiered skirt, check out this cute one here. Here's an accessory tip for both of these costumes: they look great with a pair of sexy fishnet stockings.

Forum Traffic Stopping Cop Costume
Mystery House Costumes
Sultry Cop
Cop costumes aren't all dresses and skirts either. If you are going partying in the cold or just want something a little more modest, you can also get some cute cop costumes in jumpsuit form, like the one above. 

Leg Avenue 2 Piece Arresting
Officer Suspender Dress
If you look better in black than blue, be sure to check out the Sultry Cop costume on the right, which even comes with a cool walkie-talkie prop. Also, who doesn't love short shorts?

Last but not least, featured on the left a romper! Yeah, I was surprised when I saw there was a romper version of a policewoman outfit. It's super cute, so I had to include it!

There you go, some criminally gorgeous police outfits that I love to bits. I hope you did too! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all the best costume ideas for women on the net. Have fun!

Group Costume Ideas for Women: Guards and Prisoners

Crimes and Miss Demeanor Costume - Reversible Adult Costume
Here's a fun group or duo costume idea for you gals to check out: prison guards and prisoners. The costume above is a great place to start: not only is it reversible (so you can switch up your roles half way through the night!) but it comes with everything you need:  the guard/prisoner combo dress, a belt, sexy handcuffs, a choker, a guard baton, and a hat for each look. If you wanna see some more cute prisoner costumes, check out my top five favorite prisoner costumes here.

Guilty as Charged: Sexy Prisoner Costumes for Women

Underwraps Jail Bird Convict Costume
Dreamgirl You're Busted
With their bold and sexy stripes and fun accessories, prisoner costumes make an awesome theme costume for Halloween or fancy dress parties. Prisoners also make a fun group costumes if you are going out dressed up with your friends. This post is going to look at some of my personal favorite prisoner costumes - I hope you like them, and don't get caught!

First up we have two costumes in a similar style, each featuring a sexy prisoner medium-sleeved jumpsuit with a matching hand-cuff belt, one in the modern orange scrubs style and the other with the more classic black and white stripes. Both look great with knee and thigh-high boots and some fishnets

Why not pair them with some cute accessories, such as these metal handcuffs or a ball and chain around your ankle? These accessories go well with any of the costumes on this page!

Sexy Jail Prisoner Inmate Costume Black White Dress Womens Theatrical Costume
Secret Wishes Women's Prisoner
Of Love Adult Costume with
Holographic Sequins
Here's another one I like up above, this time with a cute black tutu skirt. This costume comes with quite a lot too: the black and white stripey dress, the matching hat, a pair of matching stockings as well as some sexy fishnet gloves. Its one of the more unique looking prisoner costumes and is sure to make you stand out from the other inmates.

Prisoner Of Love Zipped
Stripped Costume
Got an eye for glimmer? This costume featured on the left is so shimmery, there ought to be a law! I love the cute little heart charm around the neck too - I guess she's a prisoner of love. This costume comes with the dress and the matching hat.

Last of all is the Prisoner of Love costume featured on the right. Something about this costume just stands out to me, I think its the bold sharp corners. 

So there you go, my top five favorite prisoner costumes for the ladies. Hope you found one that you love for your outing! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all the cutest costume ideas for women on the net. 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How to Dress Up as Princess Anna (Disney's Frozen)

Frozen Princess Anna Cosplay Costume with Cloak
Frozen Anna Coronation
Dress Cosplay Costume
Do you wanna build a snowman? No? How about a cosplay? Frozen is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time, and the two leading ladies have vibrant and interesting personalities as well as unique and beautiful outfits that are a tonne of fun to cosplay as for conventions and Halloween parties. I wanted to make this post just to show you guys some cool (no pun intended) Princess Anna costumes I've found!

Up above is the costume she wears for the majority of the movie, a gorgeous blue dress which comes with the pretty pink cloak she wears once she starts trekking up the mountain, perfect for winter parties in the snow. (Disclaimer, this outfit is not frozen-river proof. Unlike in the movie I'm pretty sure if you fall into a freezing river in this outfit, you won't just turn into a Princess-sicle) On the right, made by the same dressmaker, is the ball gown Anna wears to Elsa's coronation. Each dress is handmade to your measurements, so you are sure to get a perfect fit. 

Disney Princess Frozen Anna
Brown Ponytail Cosplay Wig
Once you have the costume, its time to add the finishing touches. Getting Anna's hair style is very easy if you have long hair: just tie your hair into two loose plats, clipping a white hair extension like this one into the right side and weaving it into the plat. If you don't have long hair, you can pick up a wig replica of the look on the right for an easy fix! Princess Anna also has a subtle amount of makeup that is easy to replicate: check out the video tutorial above. 

I hope you found everything you need for a perfect Princess Anna costume and have a lot of fun dressing up! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all the cutest costumes for women on the net! In particular, you might also be interested in my guide to dressing up as Queen Elsa, available here

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How to Dress up As Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

Hunger Games Archer Jacket
Adult Hunger Games
District 12 Costume
Just saw Catching Fire and realized I still don't have a post on this site for cosplaying as Katniss Everdeen! Well, I had to sort that out right away. Its a very easy and iconic look to pull off. If you want Katniss' standard look (the most famous), then just pick up the jacket above and combine it with a black v-neck t-shirt and some black or green cargo pants. Easy as that!

Hunger Games
Mockingjay Costume
Alternatively, you can go for one of her training outfits. On the right is the Training Days outfits from the original Hunger Games movie.

Costumes for the later movies are also not available only - her bad-ass Mockingjay armour is one of my favourites and you can find an excellent replica on the left. Her jumpsuit from the Hunger Games in Catching Fire is also available right here.

Next up you'll want to style your hair to match. If you have long brown hair I recommend checking out the video tutorial below and doing up your hair yourself as its a very easy look to do at home even if you don't have much experience with hair. If you don't have the right hair color or length, don't worry, there's a wig you can use instead, featured here.

There's a few fun accessories for a Katniss costume that I recommend having too. Don't forget to pick up a bow and a cute mockingjay pin to finish off the look. If you really want to go all out, you can check out this replica sack from the games.

So there you have it, everything you need to dress up as Katniss Everdeen for Halloween, a convention or just for all year-round partying. Hope you have a lot of fun! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog where you'll find lots more awesome costume ideas for women. In particular, you might like this fun guide to dressing up as Effie Trinket. May the odds be ever in your favor!

How to Cosplay as Gogo Yubari (Kill Bill)

Kill Bill Gogo Yubari Uniform Cosplay Costume
Here's a fun Halloween or cosplay idea: Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill. She's one of the most memorable adversaries in the movie, being the deadly and psychotic school-girl bodyguard of O-Ren Ishii. Check out the costume above; it's really cute and a perfect replica. If you are up for some arts and crafts, you should also take a look at this fun guide on creating her weapon so you can finish off the look.

I hope you have a lot of fun cosplaying! If you are looking for more ideas for Halloween or a fancy dress party, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all the cutest and sexiest costume ideas for women on the net. Why not have a friend dress up as The Bride and have yourselves a fight to the death? (Play safe!)

How to Cosplay as The Bride (Kill Bill)

NawtyFox Yellow Black Striped Jumpsuit,Bodysuit,Unitard Costume
Original Kill Bill Bride Sword
Hattori Hanzo

Here's an easy but effective costume for Halloween: the Bride, a.k.a. Beatrice Kiddo from Kill Bill. She's bad-ass, a dab-hand with a sword, and if you happen to be a member of the crazy 88 you should probably run screaming before she removes your limbs. If you are shopping from the UK or EU, head here for a great Bride costume.

All you need is her iconic yellow jumpsuit and a sword, and here's one of each that would work perfectly. Have fun dressing up! If you are looking for more ideas for Halloween or a fancy dress party, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all the cutest and sexiest costume ideas for women on the net. Why not have a friend dress up as Gogo Yubari and duke it out? 

Group Costume Ideas: Star Wars

Rubie's Costume Women's Star Wars Darth Vader Woman's Deluxe Costume Jumpsuit
Rubie's Star Wars
Stormtrooper Costume
In anticipation of the upcoming Disney reboot of the Star Wars franchise, here's another fun group costume idea for fancy dress parties and Halloween for all you nerdy chicks out there. I confess to being a Trek girl myself, but even I can admit the costumes in the Star Wars movies are iconic, memorable, and a tonne of fun to dress up with. Here's a guide to all my favorites!
Rubie's Costume Star Wars
Female Jedi, Brown

Up above is one of the most famous movie villains of all time, the one and only Darth Vadar, in women's costume form. It comes with everything you need: a sleek and sexy jumpsuit with cape, belt, and mask. There is also a beautiful and cute Darth Vadar dress costume available here. I think a full Vadar helmet looks a lot sweeter than the headpiece that comes with it though, so remember you can pick up a Vadar mask separately here

Star Wars X
Wing Fighter
If you really want to go all out with either costume, check out this cool Vadar breathing effects generator, so you have constantly have that iconic sound effect playing. Also. Darth Vadar light-saber. You need it. No excuses. 

Every Sith apprentice/master needs an army of Stormtroopers to shoot wildly at the good guys and probably miss with every shot (so don't forget to bring your blaster!). Well, there's a cool Stormtrooper jumpsuit available above on the right. You can get matching go-go boots to complete the look here.

If you're looking to play the hero, check out the Jedi costume on the left, which comes with the tunic, pants with attached boot tops, and the matching belt, or an X-wing fighter costume on the right in a cute dress style. 

Rubie's Costume Women's
Star Wars Boba Fett
Sometimes you just don't want to get involved with all this light side, dark side of the force nonsense and just go independent. Check out this cute costume jumpsuit based on the costume of the much beloved Boba Fett, bounty hunter and general badass. Each costume comes with everything you see: the jumpsuit with attached cape, the belt and a two piece helmet. You can also get a very pretty dress version of the costume here.
Star Wars Secret Wishes
Princess Leia Costume
Star Wars Secret
Wishes Princess
Leia Slave Costume
I couldn't write a post on Star Wars costumes for women without including Princess Leia! Hey, now that Star War is owned by Disney, is she now one of the Disney Princesses? I'd vote for that. Anyway, check out the very cute costume above based on her iconic outfit in A New Hope up above, which comes with the slinky and very sexy dress, matching belt, and even the wig. You can get the matching go-go boots here.

The wig makes things easy, but if you want to have a go at styling your own hair in the iconic Leia hairbuns, check out this fun video tutorial on how to do it - note that you will need either very thick hair or hair extensions. 

Just as much as I couldn't do a post on Star Wars costumes without Princess Leia, nor could I forget to mention the ah...slave girl outfit. You know the one. What. It was the 80s. But yes, its skimpy, its sexy, and its a tonne of fun if you have a lot of confidence! The cute version on the right comes with the bikini top, choker, draped skirt, armband and matching headpiece. I highly recommend not choosing this for a winter party.

Star Wars Padme Naberrie Amidala Cosplay Costume
Secret Wishes Star
Wars Padme
Amidala Costume
The prequel movies get a lot of stick, but to be honest I never thought they were that bad. Maybe I was just distracted by all the cool costumes and kick-ass lightsaber duels (Duel of Fates for the win). I always especially liked the costumes of Padme Amidala, mother of Luke and Leia and ever unfortunate love interest of Anakin Skywalker. My favorites were her two costumes in Attack of the Clones, featured above and to the right.

Pink Queen Artoo Star
Wars Dress
If Padme's royal outfit in The Phantom Menace is your favorite look, you can pick up that costume here. If you are going for the Phantom Menace look, be sure to check out this awesome video tutorial on how to do her makeup. 

And there you have it, every Star Wars costume you could possibly need for girls night out on the convention scene or sci-fi Halloween party. I hope you found a costume that's perfect for you and have a lot of fun! If you liked this post, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for lots of fun themed costume ideas for women. Oh, and just as a treat, here's an R2D2 mini-dress on the left. It's not quite a costume, but I loved it so I couldn't leave it out. May the force be with you!

Cute Lady Gaga Inspired Costumes

Lady Gaga Video Music Awards Performance Outfit Costume
Lady Gaga is one lady who knows how to make an entrance, with every appearance featuring a new, dazzling and gorgeous look that just glimmers with style, fun, symbolism and imagination. Since they are so memorable, they make fantastic theme costumes for Halloween parties and fancy dress events. I wanted to feature some of my favorites here for all Lady Gaga fans to check out!

Lady G Hooded
Leotard Costume
Lady G Prison Dress
If you want a simple look that easy to pull off, check out the hooded leotard costume on the left. Its a black version of the red number that Lady G wore at MTV's 2008 TRL. Sadly no official red version of the costume exists, but you can get a similar look here. A matching wig that goes well with pretty much any of her costumes can be found here.

Lady Gaga Black Sequin
Dress Costume
Lady Gaga Swimsuit
Loved the Telephone music video? I did - and check out the shoulder pads on this fantastic replica of her outfit from the county jail scene on the right. You can find matching shades to go with it here. Quite a few of her outfits from that video are available online - here's the studded bikini top from the jail scene, and here's the flag costume.  If you are going for the stars and stripes, here's the two-tone wig she wore in the video to go with it.

Next up, on the left, we have this asymmetrical, very unique black and white sequin dress based on one of the many awesome costumes Lady Gaga wore for her Monster Ball tour to promote Fame Monster. You can even get a pure silver version of it here. It comes with the cute dress and the matching mask. I advise pairing it up with some sexy fishnets - lots of these costumes look great with fishnets!

Bad Romance Red
Lady Costume
On the right is the blue swimsuit from the Poker Face video, and you can get the matching gloves here. Sadly I can't find any of her other outfits from that video, but I'm on the look-out!

Lady Gaga Star
Dress Costume
Lady Gaga wore the dress on the left at her performance on American idol, and it looks fantastic. You can get a wig to match her hairstyle here.

Finally, if you really want to go all out there and be as kooky as Lady Gaga herself, check out on the bold and crazy replica of one of her costumes from the Bad Romance video in bright scarlet. You can also pick up her other red outfit from the end of the video here.    

Group Costume Ideas for Women: Garden Insects

Dreamgirl Women's Reversible Bumble Bee/Lady Bug Costume
Dreamgirl Monarch
Butterfly Costume
Creepy crawlies might not be the first thing that come to your mind when you are thinking up an idea for your next group costume party, but for every icky slug and snail there is a fluffy bumble bee or a colorful ladybug, so don't be scared to give it a try! I thought I'd make this post showing you a few bug-based costumes for women that I loved to bits and think would be a lot of fun to use in a group themed costume effort. 

FunWorld Lovely
Ladybug Costume
I suggest a combination of bumble bees, ladybugs and butterflies. On the right is one of my favorite butterfly costumes, a colorful orange number based on the Monarch butterfly. The wings light up too, which is pretty cute. Butterfly costumes also make a fun group theme all by themselves since there are so many of different styles of costumes available. I've made a post on my top five favorite butterfly costumes, so be sure to check it out. 

As for the lady birds and the bees, check out the costume at the top of this page for an easy fix - a reversible costume that covers both! It works especially well for group outings since the style of the bees will naturally match with that of the ladybugs. For extra fun, pair them up with some matching stripey stockings: here's some for bees, and here's some for lady bugs. There's other styles of costume available too - check out the ones on the left and below. 

FunWorld Women's Honey Bee Costume
So there you have it, some fun insect themed costumes to get you started. I hope you liked the idea and found a costume you like! If you did, be sure to check out the rest of my blog, where you'll find all the cutest and sexiest costume ideas for women on the net! Oh, and just for fun, here's some lady-bug themed shoes, and bee themed ones. Because who says you can't wear your costume accessories after Halloween is over?

Top Five Butterfly Costumes for Women

Dreamgirl Monarch Fairy Butterfly Costume
Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures of the animal kingdom, and for girls who like to show up their colorful nature, they are the perfect costume theme. Butterflies also make a fun group theme too! If you are shopping from the UK or EU, go here for lots of great butterfly costumes.

Adult Butterfly Costume
To get you started, I've picked out my favorite butterfly costumes for you to check out right here, starting with the one above. Its designed to look just like the Monarch butterfly, a common butterfly you've probably seen in your garden. It's beautiful, recognizable, and it comes with everything you need: the silky satin dress, cute antennae headpiece and a pair of beautiful butterfly wings that light up. Why not pair it up with some fun orange and black stripey stockings

Next up, if you want a more gothic look, check out the cute costume on the right. It' combines some lovely shades of black, white and yellow, and goes very well with a goth girl's existing accessories - especially if you have some black fishnet tights to go with it. If not, pick some up here! This costume includes the pretty black mini-dress as well as the wings and bug antennae headband.

Womens Sexy Blue Butterfly Insect Halloween Costume
Fluttery Butterfly Adult
Womens Costume
I picked the one above for its unique and interesting butterfly mask. This is a blue version of the Monarch butterfly look, and its gorgeous! Each set comes with the dress, matching antennae headband, the blue wings, and of course, the mask. If blue is your color, be sure to check out this fun costume based on the Ulysses swallowtail

If you are more of a girly-girl, then don't worry, there's a butterfly costume for you too. On the left is a look that's great for girls who look pretty in pink, complete with a fluttery dress, delicate wings and a pair of pink antennae. 
InCharacter Costumes Butterfly

Last but not least is the drop-dead gorgeous costume on the right. Those I always like to provide a wide range of colors of costumes in these posts, I just had to include this one because of how amazing and luxurious it is. This sparkly number is all velvet, lace and rhinestones, and comes with the dress, a petticoat to give it some lift, the matching wings and a dainty little headpiece. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some cute ideas for your next costume! If you want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for lots of sweet costume ideas for women for all occasions.