Thursday, 22 May 2014

How to Dress up as Columbia (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Forum The Rocky Horror Picture Show Columbia Costume
(Available in the UK and EU here)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Columbia Wig
How do you do I - see you've found my - humble, costume bloooooog. Ahem. So yeah, it suddenly hit me that I don't have any posts on dressing up on the characters from my favorite movie of all time (tied with the Princess Bride), The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is especially egregious given that I dress up as Columbia pretty much every time the movie is show at my local student theater, so lets get that fixed now. 

The costume above is the one I own, and its just lovely. It comes with everything you see in the picture aside from the wig, which you can pick up separately on the right if you don't have short hair. The hat that comes with it is a little floppy though, so I recommend picking up this one to replace it. 

Finally, check out the tutorial below to learn how to get the Columbia makeup look down perfectly. Its really cool! Oh, and also be sure to check out my post on cosplaying as Magenta from the movie too. Have fun!

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