Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cute Lady Gaga Inspired Costumes

Lady Gaga Video Music Awards Performance Outfit Costume
Lady Gaga is one lady who knows how to make an entrance, with every appearance featuring a new, dazzling and gorgeous look that just glimmers with style, fun, symbolism and imagination. Since they are so memorable, they make fantastic theme costumes for Halloween parties and fancy dress events. I wanted to feature some of my favorites here for all Lady Gaga fans to check out!

Lady G Hooded
Leotard Costume
Lady G Prison Dress
If you want a simple look that easy to pull off, check out the hooded leotard costume on the left. Its a black version of the red number that Lady G wore at MTV's 2008 TRL. Sadly no official red version of the costume exists, but you can get a similar look here. A matching wig that goes well with pretty much any of her costumes can be found here.

Lady Gaga Black Sequin
Dress Costume
Lady Gaga Swimsuit
Loved the Telephone music video? I did - and check out the shoulder pads on this fantastic replica of her outfit from the county jail scene on the right. You can find matching shades to go with it here. Quite a few of her outfits from that video are available online - here's the studded bikini top from the jail scene, and here's the flag costume.  If you are going for the stars and stripes, here's the two-tone wig she wore in the video to go with it.

Next up, on the left, we have this asymmetrical, very unique black and white sequin dress based on one of the many awesome costumes Lady Gaga wore for her Monster Ball tour to promote Fame Monster. You can even get a pure silver version of it here. It comes with the cute dress and the matching mask. I advise pairing it up with some sexy fishnets - lots of these costumes look great with fishnets!

Bad Romance Red
Lady Costume
On the right is the blue swimsuit from the Poker Face video, and you can get the matching gloves here. Sadly I can't find any of her other outfits from that video, but I'm on the look-out!

Lady Gaga Star
Dress Costume
Lady Gaga wore the dress on the left at her performance on American idol, and it looks fantastic. You can get a wig to match her hairstyle here.

Finally, if you really want to go all out there and be as kooky as Lady Gaga herself, check out on the bold and crazy replica of one of her costumes from the Bad Romance video in bright scarlet. You can also pick up her other red outfit from the end of the video here.    

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