Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Group Costume Ideas: Star Wars

Rubie's Costume Women's Star Wars Darth Vader Woman's Deluxe Costume Jumpsuit
Rubie's Star Wars
Stormtrooper Costume
In anticipation of the upcoming Disney reboot of the Star Wars franchise, here's another fun group costume idea for fancy dress parties and Halloween for all you nerdy chicks out there. I confess to being a Trek girl myself, but even I can admit the costumes in the Star Wars movies are iconic, memorable, and a tonne of fun to dress up with. Here's a guide to all my favorites!
Rubie's Costume Star Wars
Female Jedi, Brown

Up above is one of the most famous movie villains of all time, the one and only Darth Vadar, in women's costume form. It comes with everything you need: a sleek and sexy jumpsuit with cape, belt, and mask. There is also a beautiful and cute Darth Vadar dress costume available here. I think a full Vadar helmet looks a lot sweeter than the headpiece that comes with it though, so remember you can pick up a Vadar mask separately here

Star Wars X
Wing Fighter
If you really want to go all out with either costume, check out this cool Vadar breathing effects generator, so you have constantly have that iconic sound effect playing. Also. Darth Vadar light-saber. You need it. No excuses. 

Every Sith apprentice/master needs an army of Stormtroopers to shoot wildly at the good guys and probably miss with every shot (so don't forget to bring your blaster!). Well, there's a cool Stormtrooper jumpsuit available above on the right. You can get matching go-go boots to complete the look here.

If you're looking to play the hero, check out the Jedi costume on the left, which comes with the tunic, pants with attached boot tops, and the matching belt, or an X-wing fighter costume on the right in a cute dress style. 

Rubie's Costume Women's
Star Wars Boba Fett
Sometimes you just don't want to get involved with all this light side, dark side of the force nonsense and just go independent. Check out this cute costume jumpsuit based on the costume of the much beloved Boba Fett, bounty hunter and general badass. Each costume comes with everything you see: the jumpsuit with attached cape, the belt and a two piece helmet. You can also get a very pretty dress version of the costume here.
Star Wars Secret Wishes
Princess Leia Costume
Star Wars Secret
Wishes Princess
Leia Slave Costume
I couldn't write a post on Star Wars costumes for women without including Princess Leia! Hey, now that Star War is owned by Disney, is she now one of the Disney Princesses? I'd vote for that. Anyway, check out the very cute costume above based on her iconic outfit in A New Hope up above, which comes with the slinky and very sexy dress, matching belt, and even the wig. You can get the matching go-go boots here.

The wig makes things easy, but if you want to have a go at styling your own hair in the iconic Leia hairbuns, check out this fun video tutorial on how to do it - note that you will need either very thick hair or hair extensions. 

Just as much as I couldn't do a post on Star Wars costumes without Princess Leia, nor could I forget to mention the ah...slave girl outfit. You know the one. What. It was the 80s. But yes, its skimpy, its sexy, and its a tonne of fun if you have a lot of confidence! The cute version on the right comes with the bikini top, choker, draped skirt, armband and matching headpiece. I highly recommend not choosing this for a winter party.

Star Wars Padme Naberrie Amidala Cosplay Costume
Secret Wishes Star
Wars Padme
Amidala Costume
The prequel movies get a lot of stick, but to be honest I never thought they were that bad. Maybe I was just distracted by all the cool costumes and kick-ass lightsaber duels (Duel of Fates for the win). I always especially liked the costumes of Padme Amidala, mother of Luke and Leia and ever unfortunate love interest of Anakin Skywalker. My favorites were her two costumes in Attack of the Clones, featured above and to the right.

Pink Queen Artoo Star
Wars Dress
If Padme's royal outfit in The Phantom Menace is your favorite look, you can pick up that costume here. If you are going for the Phantom Menace look, be sure to check out this awesome video tutorial on how to do her makeup. 

And there you have it, every Star Wars costume you could possibly need for girls night out on the convention scene or sci-fi Halloween party. I hope you found a costume that's perfect for you and have a lot of fun! If you liked this post, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for lots of fun themed costume ideas for women. Oh, and just as a treat, here's an R2D2 mini-dress on the left. It's not quite a costume, but I loved it so I couldn't leave it out. May the force be with you!

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