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How to Create the Perfect Effie Trinket Costume (Hunger Games)

Create the Perfect Effie Trinket Costume Based on the Hunger Games Movie

Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games is probably one of the most visually interesting female characters in recent movie history, and while this is a difficult costume to put together if done right can result in something truly special. She has a number of outfits in the first film (I believe one of the drinking rules involves taking a shot every time it changes) but the pink puffy sleeved jacket look that she wore during the Reaping is the one she is most remembered for. In this guide we'll be looking at how to put that outfit together.

How to Create an Effie Trinket Outfit

80's Soap Star Adult Costume
You might think finding that poofy sleeved jacket would be a nightmare, but lo and behold one actually exists online. Sadly the pencil skirt which comes with this outfit is the wrong color, but luckily you can pick up a sufficiently luminous pink pencil skirt here. Alternatives include this range of colored blazers, which you can get in magenta.
Effie Trinket also wears a deep v-neck black top underneath her poofy jacket. This part of the costume is optional since you might get a bit too warm wearing two layers, but if you don't mind or you're partying in the cold you can pick up a cute version here.

Effie Trinket's costume is finished off with a neck scarf made of fabric flowers - I recommend making your own with a combination of a silk pink floral scarf decorated with fabric flowers stitched on. Alternatively you could swap this part of the costume for a more simple floral necklace if you feel the scarf is too elaborate. 

How to Create Effie Trinket's Hair

Jazz Baby Wig Blonde Adult
Since actually getting your hair to look like Effie's would take some seriously hardcore styling, it is much easier here to just pick up a good quality curly blond wig. The one above is my personal favorite and the one I think most accurately matches Effie's hair in the Hunger Games. Every Effie costume also needs an over-sized flower fascinater to finish of the hairstyle, preferably pink or purple to match your outfit. Here's a cute pink one that would work well with the above outfit.

How to Create the Effie Trinket Make Up Look

Effie Trinket, along with pretty much ever other Capitol character, has a pretty difficult look to pull off make-up-wise, but if you can get it right you will look AMAZING. If you want to really go all out, check out the make-up tutorial below, courtesy of KlairedelysArt.

Products Used in This Video include:

And there you have it, one perfect Effie Trinket costume from the Hunger Games film. If you liked this post you might also like this fun guide to dressing up as Katniss Everdeen. Future posts pending while I figure out how to pull off the other twenty outfits Effie wears in the Hunger Games and Catching Fire... 

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