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How to Create the Perfect White Swan Queen Costume

Create the Perfect White Swan Queen Costume

Natalie Portman's depiction of the White Swan in the movie Black Swan has captured the imaginations of millions, and the design makes an elegant and unique costume for any party or Halloween event. 

The White Swan is the flip side to the Black Swan, the innocence to her sensuality, the fragility to her boldness. It is the perfect costume idea for women who want to look beautiful and radiant in the classic sense, not in the 'bearing all skin' sexy sense. 

If you're looking for a way to make your own Swan Queen costume, then read on for my guide to doing it. 

Why not team up with a friend dressed as the Black Swan? I've also made a guide on creating the Black Swan costume.

How to Create the White Swan Costume

Daisy Corsets Burlesque Corset

You can find pre-made White Swan costumes online, such as this cute one, that are good if you are in a hurry but I prefer to put my own costume together. 

You will need:

  • A white leotard with a large and rigid tutu attached. I think that the rigid types of tutus look much better than the more wafty, floppy kinds, and are more faithful to the movie costume. If you live in the EU the perfect leotard/tutu combo is this cute set here. If you don't you can pick up the right kind of tutu here but you'll have to buy a leotard seperately.
  • A white corset. The more beautiful and elaborately lacy, the better! The one on the right is by far my favorite - I think it is perfect for a white swan costume!
  • White feathers. These are for decorating the top of the outfit - slip some into the center of the corset (the cleavage part) or stitch them on if you are feeling confident. You can also use these in your hair if you want a cheap alternative to the White Swan feather headpieces. 

Create the White Swan Hairstyle 


Simply tie back your hair in a bun with a plain bobble and use some hairspray to keep any flyaway hair down. Tresemme Freezehold spray is a good option if you intend to do some heavy duty dancing - it leaves your hair a bit plasticky to the touch, but it'll hold it in place in a tornado if necessary. 

White Feather Hair Headpiece
Finally you'll need two white feathery hair pieces on either side of your head to finish off the look. There are a number of bridal hairpieces that achieve this look, such as the one on the left. If you want a cheaper option, tie a number of white feathers together and hold them in place behind your ears with a hair clip or pin. 

And there you have it! One perfect White Swan Queen costume that any woman is sure to look absolutely amazing in. Enjoy your night out! Don't forget to check out this guide's evil alter ego, the Black Swan Costume page.

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