Thursday, 14 August 2014

Top Five Southern Belle Costumes for Women

Red Southern Belle Costume for Women
Howdy y'all! Are you ready to dress up like a beautiful southern belle for Halloween or your next costume event? Then you've come to exactly the right place! This post is going to be looking at all of my favorite gorgeous Southern Belle costumes, as well as recommending various alternatives for high end and budget shoppers. Let's take a look!

Adult Southern Belle Costume
First of all, let's start out big and bold with the amazing red dress set featured at the top of this post. It even comes with a hooped under skirt to give the skirt some lift, which is great value. If you are shopping for a red southern belle costume on a budget, here is one you might like to check out.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little less bright and more demure and elegant, take a look at the lovely white and green number on the right. You can also get a similar costume in black and white.

Blossom Southern Belle Costume
If you are looking for something a little shorter and sexier but in the same style and color scheme as the dress on the right, here is a wonderful Southern Belle costume that should be perfect, and comes with the cute purple dress, as well as a matching hat. Why not pair it (and any of these dresses) with this cute pair of buckle-and-bow kitten heels?

Are you a girly Southern Belle who needs her life to be perfectly pretty in pink? Then I would suggest picking up the feminine and enticing Blossom purple and pink costume on the left. It comes with the dress, the hat, and a matching belt. You can even get a stunning matching pink parasol umbrella for it here.
Playboy Southern Belle Costume
As you can tell, the southern belle chic was all about the big poofy skirts and lots of ruffles, and the great  costume above really captures both of those things! The dress comes in six amazing different color schemes for you to choose from. The red and black one is especially good if you want a more gothic look. I highly recommend if you are going for this dress to also pick up a hooped petticoat to help the dress keep its iconic shape.

Last but not least, if you want to combine the southern belle chic with a modern flair, and add a sexy short skirt to the mix, then you definitely should take a look at the eye-catching and beautiful playboy southern belle costume featured in the picture to the right. It's amazing! I just love those sheer puffy sleeves. Each set comes with the bold and unique dress and a matching bag. I recommend giving it some lift with a white petticoat.

So there you have it! Those are my top five personal favorite southern belle costumes, along with a few extras. I hope you found one which is perfect for you and have a ton of fun wearing it. If you liked this post and are still on the hunt for the right costume, why not check out the rest of this blog? There you will find plenty more costume ideas and themes for women for all occasions. Hope to see you there!

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