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Top Beautiful Queen Elsa and Princess Anna Costumes for Girls (Disney's Frozen)

Pettigirl Girls' Dress 5 Pieces Gift Set
Frozen remains my favorite Disney movie of all time, and it seems the hundred of little girls I've seen around the country dressing up as the characters to see the movie, shop at the Disney store, or even just go out for lunch, agree with me. I love seeing mini-Anna's and Elsa's running around (even if the only line of the movie is 'Let it Gooo' on loop), so I've decided to make a post on my personal favorite Anna and Elsa costumes that I've seen. Here they are! Oh, if you are shopping from the UK or EU, you need to go here.

Frozen: Elsa Deluxe Girl's Costume
First up, starting with the Snow Queen herself, we have the beautiful Pettigirl costume set features above, with a wonderful sequinned bodice and silky skirt. It is super affordable, and it comes with a tonne of stuff too. With every set you get the stunning blue dress, the white sparkling cape, a glittery tiara as well as a matching necklace and bracelet jewellery set. She can wear those on the day-to-day as well, which is pretty neat.

Secondly, on the right is the officially licensed Elsa costume from the Disney Store! It features a stunning shiny blue dress with a glittery organza overlay with snowflakes on it. It's super cute, and she is sure to love it! There's lots of accessories you can match with it too - if your little girl wants a cape, here's a lovely Frozen inspired cape, and a matching tiara is available here.

Rorychen Little Girls' Snow Princess Costume Dress with Cloak
While it's definitely the outfit everyone remembers, Elsa's blue dress isn't her only outfit from the movie. My favorite is actually the dark, velvety number she wears for her coronation - it's incredibly beautiful. Above is the best replica of that outfit that I've found so far, a gorgeous dress costume with a matching cloak. You can even buy some matching coronation gloves to go with it here.

Girls Frozen Snow long-sleeved snowflake snow princess dress
Disguise Disney's Frozen Anna
Deluxe Girl's Costume
Next up, we have the plucky and determined Princess Anna! She has some super cute outfits to choose from, starting with her main dress that she wears to go trekking up the mountain in search of Elsa. Above is the full outfit, with a long-sleeved, flower embroidered dress with fur lined pink cape to go with it. If you choose this costume for Halloween, be sure to also pick up this adorable Princess Anna wig with matching snow-cap to complete the look!

If your little Princess wants the outfit without the cape, you can find a lovely replica of Anna's main gown on the right, complete with a purple slip to give the skirt some lovely volume. This is the officially licensed Disney Store dress, so you are guaranteed good quality from it. Why not buy this cool pink Princess Anna tiara to go with the costume? You can even get a matching jewellery set to go with it, if you especially want a treat.

ReliBeauty Little Girls' Princess Anna Print Short Sleeve Bubble Dress
Anna also has her own alternative outfit for Elsa's coronation, and it is super pretty. Above, made by ReliBeauty and available for ages 3-7 years, is my favorite replica of this dress, a gently pleated skirt with a cotton and satin embroidered top. Any little girl is sure to look amazing in this wonderful costume, so I highly recommend it! 

Disguise Disney's Frozen Anna Child Wig
Disguise Disney's Frozen Elsa Child Wig

So there you have it! The most beautiful Queen Elsa and Princess Anna costumes for girls. Oh, and just as a bonus, here are some beautiful shoes to go with her costume. I hope you found what you were looking for! If you are looking for costumes for adults, check out my guides here for Anna, and here for Elsa. Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the cutest costume ideas on the net!

Disney Frozen Princess Anna
Deluxe Coronation Shoes
Disney Frozen Elsa Shoes for Girls
Princess Anna Costume Boots

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