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Top Ten Oktoberfest Costumes for Women

Leg Ave Women's Two-Piece Gretchen Costume
California Costumes Women's Eye
Candy - Bavarian Bar Maid Adult
Is that a beer garden I smell? It must be time for Oktoberfest already! Whether you are German or not, Oktoberfest is a fantastic holiday period to get some beer in you and celebrate Bavarian culture. Of course, it's not all about the beer, you'll need an awesome, traditional costume too! I've collected all of my favorites here for you to check out, so let's get started! If you are shopping from the UK or EU, head here for great Oktoberfest costumes.

First up, outside of Germany the most popular costume to wear at Oktoberfest is a modified, sexy version of the Bavarian waitress' traditional Dirndl (the cute dress with the apron). I've included three example here, starting with the Gretchen costume above, which comes with the lovely dress and matching stockings. You can get the plush beer toy separately here

California Costumes Women's Eye
Candy - Beer Garden Girl Adult
Next up, on the right, we have a beautiful alternative version with a smaller apron and a more bold color scheme, while on the left we have an apron-less version which makes up for it by coming with a super cute hat! I can drink to that. I also very much like the asymmetrical cut on the skirt of the one on the left - it gives it a very unique look that is sure to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

These dresses have quite a common color scheme, often olive green matched with white and reds. However, plenty of more unusual color schemes are available out there if you want something that will make you stand out even more, such as this pastel pink and yellow outfit. Pick your favorite color and you'll be good to go!

Roma Costume 1 Piece Serving Wench
Here is another cute-apronless version of the costume, that I especially like because the color scheme reminds me of Princess Anna from the movie Frozen. Pretty cool! You can get the tear-drop petticoat seen in the picture here, which I strongly recommend in order to give the skirt a bit of lift. Matching thigh-high socks are available here

Dirndl Trachten Haus 3-Piece Short German Wear Party Oktoberfest Waitress Dress
Want something a little more authentic and true to the Bavarian spirit? Then you need to check out the absolutely gorgeous dirndl dress features above. With delicate, detailed and beautiful embroidery, a puffy crop shirt and an incredible real lace apron, this costume is bound to make anyone look amazing. You can also get it in red. The same company also make a petticoat to go under the skirt to give it some lift. 

White, Balconette-style Dirndl with Purple Apron
Sweet Midi Dirndl with Pink Apron

You can also get some seriously bold and colorful dirndls without sacrificing the more authentic look and feel. Take for example the feminine and elegant purple and pink dress costumes above - aren't they cute? The company make make more in a wide array of colors, such as blue, green, and even a funky black and white polka-dot version with a deep red apron, which you can see here

California Costumes Tavern Maiden Adult Costume
Alexander Tavern Costume

If you are looking for an outfit that goes below the knees (especially useful if it's too cold in the autumn where you live to wear mini-dresses), then there are plenty of costumes with a long-skirt to suit your needs. My two favorites are featured above. You can also get a long-skirted version of the California Costumes Beer Garden Girl from above right here.

Womens Lederhosen for Oktoberfest Female Lederhosen Costume
Last but not least, why not break the mold and join the guys in a sweet set of lederhosen? The costume above is made from suede leather, making it an excellent quality piece that is sure to last for many Oktoberfests to come! If you'd prefer a black and white color scheme, you can find an alternative lederhosen here.

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