Saturday, 15 August 2015

Disney Pixar's Inside Out: Costumes for Women and Girls

So you know that sequence from the beginning of Up that made everyone cry? Well say hello to a movie which is that, but all of the time. I seriously love Disney Pixar's Inside Out to bits, and I'm planning to go as Sadness to my next Halloween bash. So, I've done a fair bit of research on the topic, and thought I would give you my guide to dressing up as the ladies from Inside Out.

Joy Replica Dress
Blue Pixie Joy Costume Wig Inside Out 
First up, we have the leading lady, the ever happy Joy. Up above is a replica of the dress she wears in the movie, and you can find kids sizes here! The best thing about this cute little summer dress is that it's perfectly appropriate for non-cosplay wear as well as Halloween, so you are sure to get a lot of use out of it (little girls should especially love it!)

Once you have the dress, you'll need all the accessories to go with it. If you want to be true to the movie, you'll go bare-foot like Joy, but since that might hurt your toes I recommend picking up some cute green sandals like these.

Meanwhile, to get Joy's stunning blue crop hair, just pick up the cool Pixie wig on the right. Easy peasy! Now get out there and make some happy memories.

Inside Out: Sadness Glasses and Wig
Chunky Long-Sleeve Turtleneck
A Sadness costume will help you relax and dwell on the weight of life's problems. This cute little bundle of...uh, non-joy is my favorite character from the movie, and one of the easiest to dress up as. All you need is a white turtleneck like the one on the right (here's one for kids), a normal pair of dark blue jeans (you'll probably already have these at home), and a blue wig and nerd glasses to match. I've featured the perfect wig and glasses set above - it will fit most adults and children easily and is super comfy!

That's the outfit; the last thing you will need it some blue face paint. Beware, ordinary facepaint will get on your clothes! If you have a bit of extra room in the budget, I strongly recommend picking up Kryolan Aqua-color - it's the makeup professional cosplayers use and it doesn't rub out on clothes, meaning you'll be able to use that cute knitted sweater again when the winter comes!

Disgust Inside Out Kids Costume
Medium Long Straight Flapper Bob
Heat Friendly Cosplay wig
Last but not least, we have the stylish Disgust emotion! Up above you'll find another great summer dress in the style of her outfit that you can wear in the day to day as well as for dressing up kids. Sadly there isn't an equivalent costume for adults, but you can adapt by using a green skater dress like this one.

With the dress ready, it's time to do your makeup, hair and practice your best disgusted faces. For the hair, I recommend picking up the cute green wig on the left; it suits perfectly. As for the make-up, Disgust's look is a little more complicated, so I've included a great make-up tutorial video below for you to check out. It also includes guides to making yourself look stunning as the other emotions, so it's well worth watching in full.

So there you have it! One cool guide to dressing up as Joy, Sadness and Disgust from Disney's Pixars 2015 movie Inside Out. I hope you found some great ideas for your costume and have a lot of fun dressing up. Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more fun costume ideas for women. Have a great Halloween!

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