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Top Ten Cute Mermaid Costumes for Children

California Costumes Toys Little Mermaid Costume
Let's Pretend Child's Deluxe
Mermaid Costume
Mermaid are magical aren't they? Lots of little girls dream of shedding the surface world for the deep sea, and Halloween is the perfect time to live out that fantasy. To help out all the burgeoning sea-princesses out there, I've collected my top 10 favorite mermaid costumes for children into one place for you to check out. Most of these costumes are also available in the UK and EU here.

The main style of mermaid costume is a slinky dress with a tail shape at the base. Many of these are in soft sea-themed colors, such as seashell purples and light blues that evoke gentle waves, such as the Let's Pretend mermaid costume on the right. Those net sleeves and the pearl beads coming from the skirt are absolutely gorgeous don't you think?

Another of my favorites is the California Costumes Little Mermaid costume featured at the top of this page. The glittery sequin skirt is very beautiful. Each set comes with the dress and the seashell headpiece. 

InCharacter Baby Girl's Mermaid
Creative Education's
Pink Mermaid Dress
For girls who love to look pretty in pink, the mermaid costumes need not disappoint! There are load of pink colored mermaid costumes out there to please any girly-girl, such as In Character's mermaid costume featured above. I love how shimmery the tail is, and the contrast of baby blue and bubblegum pink works really well. This would look great paired with a seaweed themed feather boa like this one

Big Girls' Mermaid Costume
Is that not enough pink for you? Well in that case take a look at the Creative Education costume on the left. It features lots of different shades of pinks in shiny and glistening materials Every costume comes with both the dress and that super cute sea-slower themed headband. That'll complete the look!

Need a little less pink and a little more sparkle? Well the Big Girls' mermaid costume might be just the thing for your daughter. The skirt is insanely glittery, and I love how puffy and elegant the base of the skirt is! She'll definitely look like a mermaid princess in this lovely costume.

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Mysterious Mermaid

If she prefers deeper, richer colors, then check out the two dark blue mermaid costumes above. I love the patterns on both of these - they are so intricate and beautiful! The little net accents on the dresses really add a magical feel to them too. Both include the incredible dresses, while the costume on the right comes with a matching headpiece.

Green/Turquoise Mermaid Costume
Ace Halloween Children's
Mermaid Princess Costumes
Another style of mermaid costume is not to have a mermaid tail at the base of it but instead allude to it with a mermaid shaped dress skirt at the bottom. My personal favorite of these is the green costume above - the shape is unusual and unique and the color is very bold and pretty. I think any little girl would love it!

Child Bubbly Mermaid Costume
Another cute one is the sheer fabric-tailed skirt and interestingly patterned dress on the right. The colors are very dainty, and the little flower brooch on the front of the dress is very pretty. 

For all the little ladies out there who want a more mature look to their costumes, take a look at the bubbly purple and green mermaid costume on the left. It's a ball gown style dress inspired by the Little Mermaid's Princess Ariel. It looks amazing!

So there you go! Those are my top ten best mermaid costumes for kids. I hope you found one that is perfect for your daughter, and wish her a happy Halloween from me! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best costumes for women and children on the net!

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