Friday, 28 August 2015

Super Mario Bros Costumes for Gamer Girls

Disguise Women's Mario Skirt Version Adult Costume
Disguise Women's Luigi Skirt Version Adult Costume

Looking for a great group costume idea? Why not go out with your friends this Halloween as the characters from the Super Mario game series? Pretty much every character is available in costume form, starting with the iconic protagonists, Mario and Luigi, featured above. Each set of both costumes comes with the lovely dress, the white gloves, the matching hat and a mustache on a stick. If you prefer the jumpsuit look, you can find a Mario women's jumpsuit here, and a Luigi jumpsuit here.

Disguise Women's Yoshi Female Costume
I once saw a woman in a Yoshi the Dinosaur costume with her infant son dressed as Mario riding on her back. It was seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! To honor this mystery mother of the year, above is a shiny and beautiful Yoshi costume dress for your to check out. Each set comes with the sexy dress with inflatable shell back, and a cuddly hat and scarf combo headpiece. 

Sunflower Princess Dress Costume
Princess Peach is not the only Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom (even if that begs the question of who is charge of this bizarre pipe planet anyway). We also have the beautiful Princess Daisy! Above is a lovely Princess Daisy costume for those of you who prefer the bold orange clad royal to her pink counterpart. It's perfect for partnering with Luigi!

'Video Game Princess' Costume Sexy Video Game Costume
Disguise Women's Toad Female Costume
While Princess Daisy female versions of the male Super Mario characters can be hard to find at times, the same cannot be said of the stunning Princess Peach. There are plenty of amazing Peach outfits available on the net, and my personal favorite is the one featured above, which comes with the puffy skirt and matching crown headband. You can find loads more beautiful Princess Peach costumes here.

Last but not least, every Princess needs her loyal foot-servant, and every plumber needs someone to tell him that his Princess is in another castle. It's Toad! Check out the super cute Toad costume on the right, which comes with the elegant and pretty mini-dress and mushroom hat. 

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