Sunday, 27 September 2015

Top Disney's Sofia the First Costumes for Kids

Disguise Girl's Disney The First Sofia Classic Costume
(Also available in the UK here)
Purple Amulet Princess
Dress Up Children's Costume
I've done lots of post on the Disney Princesses, but what about our favorite Princess-in-Waiting? If your little lady is looking for the perfect Sofia the first costume, whether its for a Birthday party, Halloween or just general dress up play, you should check out these three lovely costumes.

Sofia the First Royal Curtsey Dress
The costume at the top of this page is her classic dress which she wear in the TV show. It's a beautiful lilac dress with a pretty two tiered skirt, and super pretty puffy sleeves. 

The other two costumes are inspired by her television show costume and are frequently seen worn by the Sofia the First dolls and toys, so she is sure to love both of these too! These costumes have lovely billowing skirts, which would benefit from a petticoat or hoop skirt to keep their shape and give them life. You can find a perfect petticoat for these costumes here.

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