Sunday, 6 September 2015

Top Five Sexy Circus Costumes for Women

Forum Novelties Women's Belle Of The Big Top Circus Costume
Halloween is normally a time for the dark and spooky, but it always makes me smile when someone dons something a little more colorful and out there. Circus costumes are a great way to stand out from the crowd, and there are a lot of crazy costumes out there for you to choose from. I've collected my favorite costumes here into one place for you to check out. Let's take a look! If you are shopping for circus costumes from the UK or EU, you can find them here.

InCharacter Costumes Women's Three Ring Hottie Burlesque Ringmaster
First up, the host of the circus is the ringmaster, with her iconic red jacket and matching top hat. There are loads of ringmaster and lion tamer costumes out there for you to choose from, so I've narrowed it down to just my two favorites. If you are a fan of mini-dresses, then you might like the beautiful burlesque costume above. Each set comes with the the dress, the red vest and fringe-trimmed skirt, the wrist cuffs, the lovely choker, a pair of fishnet stockings, a miniature top hat and the lion tamer whip.

Ringmaster Dress Costume
If you like the idea of being the mistress of the ring but the costume above doesn't have quite enough frills for you, take a peek at the lovely red and blue ringmaster costume on the right, a sexy little number that is sure to make you look fantastic. Each set comes with everything you need to complete the look: the dress with attached shrug, matching cuffs, a cute bow tie, spats, the mini top hat, and a mustache on a stick.

Forum Novelties Twisted
Attractions Tight Rope
Walker Costume
I also particularly like the Belle of the Big Top costume featured at the top of this post. It's got a real 'kooky ringmaster's daughter' feel to it, and the abundance of colors make it a seriously awesome costume. That costume comes with the multicolor dress with belt, the fun collar, and the matching headband. Here's a fun purple wig that would match it perfectly!

If you like to live life on the edge, then your perfect circus role might be on a tightrope. Check out the cute Tightrope Walker costume on the left if that sounds like fun - this incredible corset and tutu costume is a real stand-out piece that is sure to make you look incredible. Each set of this costume comes with the dress, the leggings and the arm warmers. You can buy a lace black parasol to match right here.

Forum Circus Sweeties Tutu Lulu The Clown Costume
Last but not least, cloooooowns! You can't have any kind of carnival or circus without a clown, and not all of them have to be creepy. I have a bit of clown phobia myself, but even I love the incredibly colorful Tutu Lulu clown costume above. It's so much fun! Each set comes with the dress, the waist cincher and the matching bow tie, while the matching top hat can be bought here. You can also buy the wig separately here.

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