Thursday, 10 September 2015

Marge Simpson Costumes for Women (The Simpsons)

Disguise The Simpsons Marge Glam Deluxe Womens Costume
Marge Simpson Adult Costume Wig Blue

Hrrrmmm. What to wear for Halloween? How about a look based on the sexy domestic goddess that is Marge Simpson? It's an easy look to pull off - just pair the glitzy green dress above (it even comes with Marge's lovely red pearl necklace) with a tall blue wig like the one above on the right and some killer red heels. If you are looking for Marge Simpsons costumes in the UK and EU, you can find them here.

If you really want to go all out, why not paint yourself radioactive yellow and kit yourself out with cartoonish makeup so that you look exactly like the character? If that sounds awesome, check out the cool make-up tutorial above which will teach you how to get this great look. If you are going for the all yellow look, I recommend picking up some yellow tights like these.

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