Friday, 4 September 2015

Japanese Onryō Costumes: Kayako (The Grudge)

Womens Sleeveless Round
Neck Chiffon Long Maxi Dress
The scariest horror movie antagonists in my opinion are the Japanese Onryō, vengeful spirits lashing out at the living, usually represented by undead white-dressed and long haired women. This post is dedicated to one of the most famous in these in the west, Kayako from The Grudge. I've also done a post on Sadako from The Ring, which you can check out here

iLoveCos Women's Japanese Wigs
Long Black Straight Cosplay Wig
Unlike Sadako, whose dress has short little sleeves (likely because she died younger) Kayako's creepy funeral dress in a round-necked sleeveless number like the one on the left. If you want a dress with a longer skirt, you can find one here.

Once you have the dress, all you need to finish the look is some effective ghostly make-up. Check out the tutorial at the top of the page for a great guide on how to get her sunken eyed, white-faced look. With the make up done, just let your hair down if you already have long black hair, or pick up a wig like the one on the left, and you'll be good to go. Have fun!

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