Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Top Scary Medusa Costumes for Women

Medusa Adult Halloween Costume
California Costumes Women's Medusa
The Mythical Siren Costume
Do you wish your gaze could turn men to stone? Well why not get yourself a Medusa costume for Halloween? At the very least you'll look good enough to make men stop in tracks if not drop dead entirely. If that sounds like fun, then read on to discover my top favorite Medusa costumes. There is sure to be one that suits your needs. If you are shopping from the UK or EU, you can find Medusa costumes here.

First up, we have some form fitting dark numbers worthy of the terror of Greek myth. Featured above is a stunning costume by pro-costume makers Disguise. I love the velveteen look of the material, it's very luxurious. Each set of this costume comes with the sexy, slinky dress, the cute snake armband and the Medusa headpiece. That's pretty much everything you need to look incredible. 

In a similar style is the Calfornia Costumes Mythical Siren costume on the right. I love the shimmering material used on the dress, the sexy off-the-shoulder sleeves look amazing and the veils attached to the back of the costume are really quite beautiful. Each costume comes with the gorgeous silky dress and the snake headband. I think this snake armband would look very cute with this costume. For both these costumes, a set of golden desert-style sandals like these would also look great and complete the look just perfectly.

California Costumes Serpentine Goddess Set
Dreamgirl Womens Storybook Medusa
Greek Goddess Theme Costume
Medusa costumes also commonly come in dark shades of green, so here are two great examples of this. Up above is a very form-fitting and sexy costume with a unique single-strap design that shows some skin but still leaves a lot to the imagination. The snake-like shredded skirt also look pretty cool. Each set of this costume comes with the dress, the headband and the wrist-cuff bracelet. If you like the wig she is wearing in the picture, you can find that here.

Want something a little brighter? Well the costume on the left pairs sensual dark greens with bold and shiny gold embroidery and glittery fabric. The asymmetrical skirt really stands out too. Every costume in this style includes the dress, the snake headpiece and the gold armband. You can get the matching boot sandals here, and this costume is also available in plus sizes here.

Need something even more glitzy than that? Well you're going to love the costume below, a lovely shiny green mini-dress which actually lights up! You don't get more unique than that, so you are sure to stand out from the crowd. The on-off switch for the lights is hidden in a secret pocket in the dress, so it is very discrete. Each costume comes with the dress, the lovely snake hair headpiece, and the matching armbands.

Mythical Medusa Adult Costume
Medusa Adult Costume
Last but not least, I picked out the costume on the right because it has my favorite of the medusa headpieces, but the dress is gorgeous too. Surprisingly it is the only costume that really evokes the snake theme in the dress, with snake-skin patterns on the bodice and sleevelets. If you'd like to buy the headpiece separately, you can buy that here. A snake cane similar to the one you see in the picture is available here: sadly I haven't been able to find the one the model uses.

So there you go! Five super sexy and scary Medusa costumes for Halloween. I hope you found one that is perfect for you, and have a lot of fun partying and trick-or-treating. Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more awesome costumes for women and girls of all ages!

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