Sunday, 20 September 2015

Cute Disney Princess Mulan Costumes for Kids

Mulan Sparkle Kids Costume
Shimmer Mulan
(Available in the
UK and EU here)
While she's one of the lesser known Disney Princesses, in my opinion Mulan is the best? After all, I don't see Cinderella fighting the Mongol hordes. There's some really cute Mulan costumes out there for all the little Princesses who want to do some fancy dress, and these are my favorites.

Asian Princess Costume
There are two beautiful official Disney Princess Mulan costumes out there. The first, which is my personal favorite, is the beautiful Sparkle gown featured above. I love how poofy the skirt is! The second is the 'Shimmer Mulan' dress on the right, which even comes with the matching tiara. It's very good value!

As for unofficial costumes which your Princess might like, take a look at the gorgeous Asian Princess costume on the left, a stunning kimono style costume with amazingly delicate and feminine patterns. It comes with the dress as well as the matching headpiece, which is a really pretty way to finish off the look.

You can also get some fun accessories to go with your Mulan costume, such as the official Disney Mulan shoes below. I also like to pair this costume with a lovely parasol like this one and a cherry blossom paper fan.

Disney Store Princess Mulan Costume Shoes
So there you go, some cute Mulan costumes for your little Princess. I hope you found one you liked and that your little girl has a lot of fun dressing up. If you enjoyed this post be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more costumes for women and girls. If you are looking for Mulan costumes for adults, you can find those here.

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