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Top Five Disney Princess Belle Costumes for Kids (Beauty and the Beast)

Little Girls' Disney Beauty and the Beast Princess Belle Costume Gown
It's a song as old as time, it's a look loved by children of many generations, it's the gorgeous costume of Princess Belle from the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast! There are loads of costumes out there for Disney fans to choose from, and since sifting through them can take a little too long, I've narrowed them down to my top five favorites for you here. If you are shopping for kids' Beauty and the Beast costumes in the UK or EU, you can find outfits that will ship to your location here.

5 Star Princess Yellow Beauty Costume
Storybook Belle Prestige
All of these costumes are based on the flowing, luscious yellow ball gown that Belle wears during the most famous scene from the movie, where she dances in the ball room with the now-gentlemanly Beast. It's an iconic look that everyone is sure to recognise, and there are plenty of costumes based on or inspired by it.

Many of these costumes are officially licensed, such as the adorable Princess Belle costume gown featured at the top of this page, a dainty little number adorned with delicate pink roses and a portrait of the Princess herself. The Storybook Belle Prestige costume on the right is also an official piece of Disney Merchandise, which takes an unusual choice of decorating the skirt of the dress with imagery from the movie. It's a very unique and beautiful look! This costume comes with both the dress as well as the matching headpiece.

There are many unofficial Belle costumes out there too, and they are no less gorgeous! One of my favorites is the 5 Star Yellow Beauty costume above, an elegant and feminine combination of soft organza and delicate red roses finished off with sparkling golden sequin. Any girl is bound to stand out in this lovely dress.

MylittlelizShop Disney Beauty and Beast Princess Dress Kids Costume
Disney Princess Disney Princess
Enchanted Evening Dress: Belle
If you really want to go all out, there are a number of party dress, ball gown style costumes out there that will make your little girl feel like she is actually out there on the dance floor with the Beast! For example, the dress above by MyLittleLizShop is a near perfect replica of Belle's ball gown which she wears during the Beauty and Beast song ball dance, and it looks simply stunning.

For something equally beautiful in a different style (but still easily recognizable as inspired by Beauty and the Beast!) is the lovely party dress from the official Enchanted Evening Dress collection, featured on the left. I love the way that the material is pulled in at the top, it's so pretty!

So there you have it! Those are my top five favorite Beauty and the Beast costumes for this Halloween. I hope you found one that is perfect for your little princess and have a lot of fun with it. If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog where you will find all the best costume ideas for women and girls of all ages on the net! Happy Halloween!

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