Friday, 4 September 2015

Japanese Onryō Costumes: Samara/Sadako (The Ring)

The Ring is one of the first horror movies I ever saw, and I couldn't sleep for a good 7 days afterwards. Japanese horror has a subtle focus on atmosphere and aesthetics that western horrors don't quite live up to, which in my opinion makes them pants-wettingly scary. The most famous icon of Japanese horror in the west in the evil daemon that is the onryō, the vengeful spirit of the dead, usually represented by a stringy haired ghost woman all in white. It's a scary look, and Samara Morgen (or Sadako as she is known in Japan), and makes a great Halloween costume.

Gothic Ghost Adult Costume
The basic costume is easy enough to do - just buy yourself a plain white chiffon maxi-dress like the one below on the left if you live in the UK or EU, or the one below on the right if you live in the USA, and let your hair down, or pick up a long black wig like this one if you don't already have the right hair style and color. If you want to be really realistic, take a walk through a muddy field in the rain in order to get some damp stains on it like you actually have been stuck down a well. Alternatively, you can pick up the 'pre-stained' costume above. After that, just follow the tutorial at the top of the page to get Samara's rotting face look down perfectly! There you, easy-peasy. Have fun!
Ammy Fashion Women's Long sleeves
 V-Neck Cotton & linen Maxi Long Dress

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