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Top Five Sexy Sailor Costumes for Women

Dreamgirl Sexy Pin-Up Sailor Sea Captain Costume, Makin' Waves
California Costumes
 Nautical Doll Costume
Ahoy there! Feel like sailing the seven seas this Halloween with something a little more cheerful and bright than your standard spooky fare? Well here's a fun idea for a Halloween costume: a sexy sailor girl! There are loads of sailor costumes available for women in a ton of different styles, and to help you out I've collected my top five favorites into one place for you to check out. Let's get started! If you are shopping from the UK or EU, you can find most of these costumes here.

The most common style of sailor costume for women is the sort of pin-up girl look you would get in the 1940s. This is perfectly encapsulated with the Dreamgirl Sea Captain costume featured above, a bright and bold white affair with some beautiful patterns than are sure to make you stand out from the rest of the crew. Each set of this costume comes with the dress, the white shrug (great if it gets a bit chilly where you live) and the matching hat.

Dreamgirl Women's Sexy
Sailor Costume Shore Thing
It's not called 'navy' blue for nothing - the red, white and blue look is what we most commonly associate with the soldiers of the sea, so that is one of the most popular color schemes for sailor Halloween costumes. I love the California Costumes Nautical Doll dress on the left - it's like it's straight out of a poster you'd find in the crew deck of a navy vessel from WW2. Each costume comes with the beautiful frilly dress with the attached collar and the cute sailor hat. I recommend picking up a petticoat in order to give the skirt a bit more lift (same goes for all the dresses on this page!). Here's a good one for you to check out. This dress would also look wonderful with some thigh-high socks or stockings, like this white pair, which you can get for less than $5. Pretty great value if you ask me.  

These costumes still not bold enough for you? Then why not add a bit of shine and glimmer to your outfit with the gloriously shimmery Shore Thing costume featured on the left. It's so colorful! Each set of this wonderful costume comes with the lovely dress (which has it's own red petticoat attached, so no need to buy one separately in the case of this outfit), the cute sailor hat the pretty matching wrist cuffs. 

Roma Costume Women's 3 piece Sultry Sailor Babe
Leg Avenue 2 Piece High
Seas Honey Romper
Moving on to some more modern looks, if you want to be the captain of your vessel you'd best take a peek at the Roma Sultry Sailor Babe costume featured up above. Each set comes with the crop-top with matching captain's jacket and the very flattering high-rise shorts. You can get the hat separately here if you like.

Lastly in the costume department, check out the High Seas costume by Leg Avenue featured on the right. Isn't it a cutie? A romper costume is a good middle ground between sexy mini-dress and avoiding your undies being revealed by a stray gust of wind, so I love them to bits, and this one is a particularly colorful and pretty costume. Each set of this costume comes with the romper outfit and the matching sailor hat. You can get matching shoes here, and if you like stockings, these gorgeous thigh-highs go especially well with it.

Chunky Nautical Navy Blue Silvertone
Anchor Boat Necklace and Earrings
Last but not least, here is a bit of a bonus! There is a lot of nautical themed accessories that you can add to your costume, but the best is the range of sailor jewellery available out there, such as the stunning set on the left. You can also get a matching bracelet that would look amazing with any of these costumes.

So there you go! Those were my top five favorite sexy sailor girl costumes for this years Halloween festivities. I hope one of them caught your eye and that you have a lot of fun cosplaying and trick-or-treating. If you liked this post and want some more awesome costume ideas for women, be sure to browse the rest of this blog. Happy Halloween!

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