Saturday, 19 September 2015

Top Pokemon Costumes for Women and Girls

Rubie's Costume Pokemon
Charizard Hooded Costume
Rubie's Costume Pokemon
Squirtle Child Costume
Rubie's Costume Pokémon Pikachu Costume
(Available in Kids sizes here)
Want to be the very best, the best there ever was? Then make a Pokemon costume your quest! There are loads of Poke-costumes available for adults and kids, starting with the above tutu dress style costumes of three of the starting four Pokemon, including everyone's favourite electric mouse, Pikachu! You can also get a child's Eevee costume, as well as an adorable Jigglypuff. These costumes are very well suited for teens and kids.

TEE Costumes Unisex Adult Pokemon Charmander
Black Pokemon
Umbreon Kigurumi
For a more adult look, as well as one that can double as a set of pajamas or casual wear for lounging about the house, you want a Pokemon Kigurumi! These are adorable onesies shaped like popular cuddly characters, and there are a few Pokemon ones that would make perfect adult costumes.

First up, featured above, is my personal favorite of the original games' starter Pokemon, the fiery Charmander! Meanwhile, on the right, is a super cute Kigurumi version of the Dark type evolution of Eevee, the mysterious Umbreon.

If you want something that is even more suited to casual wear, you can also get an Umbreon hoodie! Find that right here. Espeon, Eevee's psychic type evolution, is also available in hoodie form here.

A Pikachu Kigurumi costume is available as well: you can find that here.

Relaxcos Pokemon Ash Ketchum Uniform Cosplay Costume
(Available in Kids sizes here)
Rubie's Costume Pokémon
Team Rocket Jessie Costume
If you are looking to dress up as the human characters of Pokemon, then you're in luck there too, as there are plenty of costume to satisfy your Poke-itch in that department too. For example, Ash, our plucky protagonist, can be found above. Each set of this costume comes with the hat, top and gloves. 

You can also get an adorable Jessie from Team Rocket costume on the left. This costume is also available in children's sizes here. You can get the matching Jessie wig for adults here, while the wig for children is available here.

So there you have it! Those are my favorite Pokemon costumes. I hope you found one that is perfect for you! Be sure to check out the rest of my blog if you enjoyed this post, there you'll find many more amazing costume ideas for women for all occasions! 

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