Sunday, 20 September 2015

Cute Disney Princess Pocahontas Costumes for Kids

Native American Princess Kids Costume
RG Costumes Native
American Girl Costume
Does your little Princess want to paint with all the colors of the wind this Halloween or for her Birthday? Why not consider getting her a super cute Pocahontas costume to dress up with? There are a few wonderful Pocahontas costumes out there, and I've included my two favorites here for you to check out, along with a few accessories. This is for American shoppers: if you are shopping from the UK or EU, you can find some great Pocahontas and Native American costumes here.

Indian Maiden Wig
First up, we have the awesome Native American Princess costume featured above, a lovely replica of Pocahontas' outfit from the iconic Disney movie. Each set of this costume comes with the dress, the armbands and matching leg warmers. Meanwhile, on the right there is another amazing replica, which comes with the dress, belt and armband.

Did you know the real Pocahontas was bald? Not a great look for the modern girl, which is why she has beautiful long black locks in the Disney movie. You can replicate that look with the cute Indian Maiden wig on the left. That's everything you need for your Princess to look amazing! Have fun!

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