Saturday, 26 September 2015

Disney's Lilo and Stitch Costumes for Kids and Adults

Stitch Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)
Child's Lilo andStitch Costume
Lilo and Stitch is one of those Disney movies that is sadly very under-rated despite it's lovely visuals and emotionally involving plot, so for those of us who want to have a little hula-costume party based on the characters from the film, things can be a little tough! Have no fear though, as there are a couple of options for you guys.

It's much easier to find costumes based on the alien Stitch than it is Lilo. They are mostly Kigurumis like the one above, which are awesome as they can be used both as costumes and as a fun pair of pyjamas.

RJC Girls Classic Hibiscus Sarong Dress
(Available in Adult sizes here)
Meanwhile I've managed to find a cute Lilo hula costume for kids, featured on the right. Each set comes with the red tank top, a faux-grass hula skirt, the wrist leis and the leafy headpiece. While there is no official adult version of this costume, you can replicate the look with this red tank top, this adult's hula skirt, and this tropical fern headpiece. All of that will cost you less than $20, which is phenomenal value.

If you want the costume she wears throughout most of the movie, that would be a red hibiscus pattern dress. I've found a very pretty one in both adult and children's sizes, which you can see on the right.

The last thing you'll need is hair to match Lilo's, which is easy enough if you already have long black hair. If not, here is a wig which matches her style almost perfectly! Voila! That is everything you need for the perfect Lilo and Stitch costumes!

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