Saturday, 26 September 2015

Top Five Cowgirl Costumes for Women

Shotgun Sheriff Cowgirl Adult Costume
Dreamgirl Women's Sexy Western
Costume, Giddy Up Cowgirl
Yeehaa! Cowgirl costumes are fun look for any occasions, whether it's a rodeo themed Birthday party or a Wild West Halloween outing, and there are plenty of fun cowboy costumes for women available out there. I've collected my personal top five favorite cowgirl costumes into one place for you to check out and save some valuable time you could be using taming the West. If you are looking for costumes in the UK or EU, you can find them here.

If you are a fan of mini-dresses, there are plenty of cowgirl costumes to satisfy your needs. To start us off, take a look at the cool and sassy Shotgun Sherrif Cowgirl costume above, a very stylish little number with red paisley fabrice and a denim corset base. I love the off-the-shoulders sleeve look too, it's make the costume really stand-out. Plus, it comes with a little something extra for all you party girls - shot glass holders with free shot glasses! This costume comes with the cute mini dress, the sheriff badge, the brown shoulder strap with three shot glasses, and the matching cowgirl hat.

If you are more salt-of-the-earth kind of cow-gal, you might like the pretty Giddy Up Cowgirl costume by Dreamgirl on the right, a beautiful leather-look number with lace up detail. I love with the tassel style of the skirt, it looks gorgeous! It comes with the dress, matching hat, as well as the red neck-scarf. Some awesome matching boots are available here.

California Costumes Women's Round' Em Up!
Starline Women's Wild West
Cowgirl Deluxe Costume Set
Above is my personal favorite of the costumes on this page, just because it looks so bad ass! I love the leather look of the blazer and the overall dark color scheme - I bet this costume will turn heads when you saddle your way through the saloon doors.

Forum Novelties Glamour
Cowgirl Costume
On the right is another very sassy cowgirl look, with a splash of navy blue and cowhide pattern to make it look especially unique. Each set of this costume includes the op with tails, the cow-print vest, faux suede pants, arm cuffs, a neckpiece, a belt and the matching hat.

Last, but not least, if you are looking for a more 'Jessie from Toy Story' kind of cowgirl look (though bear in mind you can find actual Jessie costumes here!) then take a look at the cute cowhide style Glamour Cowgirl costume on the right. Each set of this costume comes with the  cowboy hat, scarf, fringed gloves, vest and matching chaps. Pretty cool!

So there you go! Those are my top five favorite cowgirl costumes for women. I hope you found one that you like and look amazing in it! Have a lot of fun partying. If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best costume ideas for women on the net!

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