Thursday, 14 August 2014

How to Cosplay as Rikku from Final Fantasy X and X-2

Final Fantasy XII Rikku Cosplay Costume Halloween Costumes
I'm a huuuge fan of Final Fantasy 10! It's got a fantastic storyline, gorgeous visuals and lovable and memorable characters that are a lot of fun to dress up as for conventions and parties. That's why I decided to make this post - I always loved Rikku's outfits and have found quite a few amazing accessories that would be a lot of help to a cosplayer looking to pull off the look. Let's get started!

Final Fantasy X Rikku Cosplay Wig
First of all, you will need the basic costume. If you are looking to copy her outfit from Final Fantasy X's sequel, then you can get the full set with all the accessories you see in the picture in the link at the top of this post. Pretty convenient! You can get the matching shoes that go with the outfit right here.

Meanwhile, if you want her costume from the original game, you can find everything you need at this link, except for the shoes, which you can find here. It's really quite a beautiful costume, and is astoundingly accurate to the video game look!

Finally, don a cute blond wig like the one on the right to fix your hair up instantly into the perfect style. 

Final Fantasy 2 cosplay prop RIKKU double flying wheel
Finally, it's time to finish off the costume with some props, such as Rikku's deadly weapons, the red and yellow dual wielded flying wheel blades. You can get a really cool set of replicas at the link above - I highly recommend them! Once you have those, you are completely set. I hope you have a tonne of fun cosplaying! Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for loads more cosplay ideas for women. In particular, you can find more Final Fantasy cosplay ideas here.

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