Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Top Five Queen of Hearts Costumes (Alice in Wonderland)

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Women's Queen Of Hearts Costume
Here's another part of my ongoing series of Alice in Wonderland costume guides. This time we'll be looking at how to cosplay as the Red Queen, the sort-of antagonist of the original Disney movie and book. Its an incredibly colorful, eye-catching and recognizable, and makes a great Halloween fancy dress or costume party outfit. Don't forget to yell "Off with their heads!". If you are shopping from the EU or UK, go here for loads of Queen of Hearts costumes.
Queen Of Hearts Costume

The first of my favorite Queen of Hearts costume is the one above, an amazing full skirt length gown with soft fabric and a gorgeous heart detail. You also get the pretty choker and the sparkly jeweled tiara crown. The costume even comes with a hoop and petticoat so that the skirt has a lot of volume. Pretty cool!

If short and sexy is your thing, then check out the cute dress on the right. It makes good use of contrasting colors, with bold blacks, yellows and reds, block colors and polka dots, and is sure to make you stand out a mile away in the crowd. This amazing costume includes a sexy lace trimmed crown (which I think is really pretty!) with a heart charm collared dress and matching black and white stripey stockings. Pair it with a white petticoat to add a bit of lift to the skirt.

Roma Costume 3 Piece Enchanting Queen Of Hearts
Dreamgirl Queen Of Hearts
Here's a very different style of costume, with an all black base with white trimmings and a unique looking half cut skirt. This is a really mature and sexy look! Every set comes with the gorgeous dress, the skirt with the white high collar, and a crown to top it all off. 

Fourth up is a little red number with a very stand-out collar with a very memorable pattern, featured on the right. This costume comes with the cute dress, the choker and the gloves. I advise adding a petticoat in order to give the skirt some lift, and adding some cute black stockings with red bows to finish off the look.

Smiffy's Women's Queen Of
Hearts Duchess Costume
Finally, featured on the left is a colorful red, yellow and black number with a lot of accessories. This costume includes the sexy heart corset, the multicolored dress, the black and red sleeves, a headband, and an over skirt. You can get matching white heart stockings here.

There you have it! My top five personal favorite Queen of Hearts costumes. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of this blog for all the best costume ideas for women on the net! In particular, you might want to check out my Top Five Alice costumes post, my top five Matter Hatter costumes post and my guide to cosplaying as the Red Queen

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