Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Group Costume Ideas: Marvel's The Avengers

Disguise Marvel Captain America American Dream Bodysuit Womens Adult Costume
Iron Man Costume
I absolutely LOVED Marvel's The Avengers, plus all the individual hero movies that came out before it, and I can't wait for the second one to come out. This blog post is dedicated to all my fellow lady geeks and nerds who want a cool group costume idea for themselves and their friends to try out: why not dress up as the Avengers? This post is going to feature all the best Avengers costumes, just for you!

First of all, there's the patriotic Captain America. You can get a shiny vinyl jumpsuit like his, featured above, but there's other styles if that isn't your thing. For example, here's a cute dress version of the costume. Which ever you choose, don't forget to pick up Captain America's iconic stars and stripes shield, as most of the costumes don't come with one.

Second, we have my personal favorite of the Avengers: Iron Man. Marvel has released a shiny jumpsuit version of his suit as well, which you can see on the right. You can pick up the matching helmet which goes with it here. A cute and sexy dress version of the costume is also available. Also, because why not, here's a replica wrist repulsor. Have fun!

Disguise Marvel's Avengers Movie Black Widow Avengers Theatrical Adult Costume
Amazing Thor Women's Costume
Next up is Black Widow, the femme fatale. Above is the officially licensed Marvel costume, which comes with pretty much everything you could ever need: a jumpsuit, two belts, a pair of glovettes, a pair of cuffs and a pair of boot covers. The only thing missing is the matching wig, which luckily you can pick up here.

Finally, check out this female adaptation of the Thor costume. It comes with the dress and the headpiece, and you can pick up the matching hammer here.

Miss Hulk Costume
After a lot of waiting around for Marvel to release Hulk and Hawkeye costumes for women, we finally have some results! On the left is a stunning 'Miss Hulk' costume for all you ladies who want to go out and cause some carnage. Be sure to go all the way with some green body paint!

Meanwhile, below is a seller who makes custom Hawkeye costumes to your measurements, for both men and women. It's pricey, but its super authentic and realistic. Each set of this amazing cosplay includes the vest and pants with belt, matching gloves, a bracer, and a quiver.

Custom Made Hawkeye Superhero Costume
And that's all folks. If you liked this post, be sure to check out the rest of my blog where you'll find all the cutest, sexiest and best costume ideas for women on the net. See ya!

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