Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sexy Stars and Stripes and Other Patriotic Costumes for Independence Day

American Flag High Waisted Bikini Bottom Shorts
Women's USA
Flag Dress
Independence Day is creeping ever closer, and everyone is getting ready for some fantastic celebrations. This post is going to look at how you can spice up the party with some incredible patriotic stars and stripes costumes and fancy dress. Remember, these aren't just for the fourth of July - they're great for any costume party you want to add an American flair to. First up, if you live in a really hot State or plan on having a pool party, check out the sweet American flag themed bikini shorts above. You can a matching halter top here.

Another cute option is the slinky and sexy USA stars and stripes flag dress featured on the right. I love the shiny material - any woman is sure to stand out from the crowd in this gorgeous number.
Forum Sexy Stars and
Stripes Costume, Red

A very popular costume around this time of year is a female variant on the Uncle Sam look. Check out the cute costume on the left for a cute example. They all comes with adorable matching mini-hats which are very fun.

Dreamgirl - Miss
Liberty Costume
There's lots of alternate version of this Uncle Sam (Or Auntie Samantha) costume: for example, this one which is a top and skit combo in a similar style, and this tank dress version.

Also, if you are looking for some shoes to match these costumes, check out this pair of shoes colored and decorated like the stars and stripes. 

A second great idea for an Independence Day celebration or patriotic party is a Lady Liberty costume like the sexy dress costume above. There's lots of alternative Lady Liberty style costumes, such as this more modest, full length dress.

So those are my personal favorite patriotic Independence Day costumes. I hope you found one that's right for you! If you liked these ideas, be sure to visit again and check out the rest of this blog, where you'll find all the best costume ideas for women on the net!

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