Thursday, 17 April 2014

Group Costume Ideas: Alice in Wonderland

Disguise Alice in Wonderland Costume
Here's a really cool group costume idea: Alice and Wonderland. Whether you are a fan of the original Disney movie or Tim Burton's re-imagining (or both!), there's plenty of recognizable and fun characters in the series to give everyone an awesome costume to wear. Get your friends together, pick a character and hit the town. First up, someone has to be the heroine, Alice herself. Check out my top five Alice in Wonderland costumes here.
Disguise Women's Red Queen Deluxe (Movie)
Fans of the Tim Burton movie and Helena Bonham-Carter should have a lot of fun dressing up as the Red Queen, so why not pick a beautiful Red Queen costume for Halloween? There are long, flowing ball gown versions of her outfit, as well as sexy short cuts and lots of matching accessories to complete the look.  Check out my guide on cosplaying as the Red Queen here to see them all!

If the Red Queen isn't your thing, a fantastic alternative is the Queen of Hearts, for a fun night of yelling at your Card Guards to cut off people's heads and playing a little flamingo croquet. There's a wide range of Queen of Hearts costumes, from ball gowns like the one above, to sexy mini-dresses, all in a wide array of color schemes and styles. Check out my Top Five Queen of Hearts costumes if you are interested!

Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume
Here's one of the most famous Wonderland denizens, the elusive and mysterious Cheshire Cat. The dress of the costume above has a sweet matching tail, and you get everything you see in the photo: the stockings, gloves, headband, shrug and choker. I advise picking up a pink petticoat to give the skirt some lift. In addition, here is a really funky pair of shoes that match perfectly!

Sexy Mad Hatter Adult Costume

Last time I went to a fancy dress party, I went as the Mad Hatter, and the costume above is the one I chose! I really recommend it, its super cute. If you fancy cosplaying as the Mad Hatter, this is the type of costume with the most variety - costume creators have really gone wild with color scheme choices and styles. Check out my top five Mad Hatter costumes here to see my personal favorites!.

Queen of Hearts Card Adult Costume
Finally, every Queen needs a card guard. The costume above comes with the card costume and even a matching crown. A cool idea might be to have one girl (like the birthday girl) dress up as one of the queens, and everyone else goes as a guard! So there you go, a quick guide to dressing up as the characters from Alice and Wonderland and hitting the town with your friends. If you liked this post, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all the cutest costumes for women on the net!

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