Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Top Five Most Colorful Costume Wigs for Women

California Costumes Women's Kaleidoscope Wig
Wigs are a fun accessory to go with any costume, and save you a lot of trouble doing your hair. This is especially true if your look needs some really wild and out-there colors. I thought that just for fun I'd show you my personal favorites extravagant multi-color wigs that I have come across in my travels, great for anyone dressing up for a rave or a particularly colorful costume.  
Leg Avenue Costumes Pop
Rainbow Bang Bob Wig
Neon Pink
Leg Avenue Rainbow
Unicorn Wig

Leg Avenue Rainbow Rocker
Wig, Multi-Color
My top favorite in the Kaleidoscope Wig - its got a very cute emo cut that looks really cute. Post which one is your favorite in the comments! If you want some cool costume ideas to go with your new hair, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all the sweetest costume ideas and accessories for women on the net!
Rainbow Mohawk Wig

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