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Top Five Harley Quinn Costumes for Women

Top Harley Quinn Costumes
One of my favorite comic book characters (well, cartoon character to be accurate), DC Comics' Harley Quinn has had a big couple of years. Harley's made appearances in the recent Batman games, Arkham Asylum and City and hopefully will be making a strong comeback in Origins. To celebrate her ditsy goodness, in this post I'll be featuring the best Harley Quinn Costumes, based on her unique outfit in the comics, Batman: The Animated Series and of course the recent video games. If you are looking for the perfect couples costume idea or cosplay, you can't go wrong with Harley Quinn. These are costumes available in the US: if you are shopping from the UK or EU, find Harley Quinn costumes here.

1. The Punk Gal (Suicide Squad Costume)

Harley Quinn Punk Suicide Squad Costume
We'll start with the most recent shall we? Suicide Squad may be a bit of a love-it-or-hate-it movie (I personally loved it) but even the haters agree that Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn completely stole the show. As well as having a few fun shout-outs to her old costumes, Harley gets a whole new look in the movie, complete with sexy boy shorts and some awesome coloured highlights. You can get the matching wig, boots and tattoo art for this costume here, and don't forget to pick up a baseball bat to do some whackin'!

Miss Enigma - PVC Harley Quinn costume

2. The Classic Catsuit Costume

First up is the original outfit itself, the classic red and black playing card themed catsuit that Harley wears in the comics and in her original appearance in the animated series. Its sexy but not revealing, which is unusual for villainesses of the comic book world believe me!

The best version of the catsuit I've found is this amazing PVC costume available via Artifice Products. It can be customized in both size and height and while the boots don't come with it the page provides a link where you can find a good pair. This costume isn't cheap - but having seen all the budget versions of the catsuit I'd happily pay extra for something that didn't look cheap and tacky!

You can also get other color combinations on request, but I'm not sure why you'd want to!

3. The Sexy Nurse (Arkham Asylum)

Batman Arkham City Secret
Wishes Sexy Harley Quinn
Asylum Costume

Here's one you're sure to love - the sexy nurse outfit from the Arkham Asylum game. One has to question what happened to the nurses Harley had to steal the various bits of this outfit from while incarcerated in Arkham, but perhaps its best not to ask. This is my personal favorite of her looks, and this is my personal favorite of the costumes as a result! It's also one of the less expensive costumes on this page, making it a great choice for comic book cosplayers on a budget!

This costume comes with the colorful corseted top, the choker, the red and purple fingerless gloves, the belt, the cute skirt, a smiley headpiece and the eye mask you see on the picture. You can pick up a giant comedy syringe here too if you'd like! Finish it off with some sweet black knee high boots with lots of buckles and you're good to go. How about these ones?

4. The Combo (Arkham City)

Batman Arkham City Secret Wishes Sexy
Harley Quinn Costume
Next up is a design based on Harley Quinn's costume from Arkham City - a combination of styles from the corset cut nurse top and the spandex catsuit pants. Its a darker and more gritty look, great if your are couple-costuming with some one going for Heath Ledger's Joker rather than one of the more comedic iterations. With every set of this costume you get the top, pants, belt, gloves and choker. Once again I'd recommend these boots as looking totally awesome with the rest of the costume.

DC Comics Super Villain
Harley Quinn Costume

5. The Evening Dress (Just for Fun!)

Finally, my fourth favorite Harley Quinn costume is this cute little number: a white collared evening dress style costume which, while not based on any of Harley's actual outfits, is still instantly recognizable as her kind of look and is in general incredibly sweet and sexy. With each costume you get the dress, the beautiful collar as well as the matching red and black ball gloves. 

DC Super Villain Collection
Harley Quinn Girl's Costume
So there you have it - my top 4 favorite Harley Quinn costumes of all time. I hope you've found one you like for your event, be it a Comic Con or just in time for some Halloween mayhem. Either way, if you are looking for more incredible costume ideas for yourself or your friends, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all the best costume ideas for women on the net! Oh, and if you are looking for a Harley Quinn costume for a child, check out the cute one on the left.

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