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Group Costume Ideas: Sucker Punch

Group Costume Ideas for Women - Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch is one of my biggest movie guilty pleasures - I've seen it so many times and love it more every time I watch it. One of the best things about it is how stylized it is - from the incredible CGI settings to the direction and atmosphere - and, of course, the costumes. For this post I've scouted the net for complete Baby Doll, Sweet Pea, Rocket, Amber and Blondie costumes and accessories so that you and your friends can cause some havoc as Team Sucker Punch. Lets roll! Oh, and if you are shopping from the UK or EU, you can find Sucker Punch costumes here.

Create the Baby Doll Costume
Zac Snyder's Sucker Punch Secret
Wishes Babydoll Costume

First  up, every group will need their little Baby Doll. The  best place to start is with the Secret Wishes Sucker Punch Collection, which has a sweet Baby Doll Costume that comes with the iconic sailor senshi top, split mini-skirt, belt, head band and thigh highs. Pair it with some Mary Janes and that's the basic costume down! 

If you already have long blond hair the Baby Doll haircut is east to pull off - just tie your hair in low pigtails leaving some cute bangs on either side of your face loose. If not, there's a sweet blond wig you can pick up here that is based on the haircut from the movie.

Here are your weapons. First you'll need Baby Doll's signature katana, which you can find here, and next her handgun - you can pick up a cute one here. Remember to check if replica firearms are legal to have in public in your area!

Now fight!

Sucker Punch - Sweet Pea Costume
Create the Sweet Pea Costume

She's strong, she's tough, she's the star of the show, and her costume is just awesome. Sweet Pea is more a leathers-woman than a sexy little school girl, and she has my favorite of the movie's outfits. You can pick up the Sweet Pea costume here, a great set that comes with the cool hooded jacket, the shorts, fingerless gloves and thigh high stockings.

The character's hair is nice and easy to pull of so long as you have long hair -just wear it down and give it a bit of a wavy curl if your hair doesn't have it naturally. Otherwise, you can find a cute wig that fits the character here

The last thing you'll need for the perfect costume is Sweet Pea's sword, and you can find a replica here.

Create the Rocket Costume

Zac Snyder's Sucker Punch Secret
Wishes Rocket Costume
Rocket is the cute runaway whose outfits are a tonne of fun for the tomboy of your group to dress up in. Secret Wishes does an awesome Rocket costume which comes complete with the dress, belt, hat, gloves and garters. Finish off the look with knee high or thigh high boots and a set of sexy fish-net tights.

Rocket's hair is the hardest to pull off if you don't already have your hair cut into an urban bob, but luckily they've made a wig styled after her look that you can use  instead. As for weapons, you can find a great replica of Rocket's knife and sheath here.

Create the Amber Costume
Zac Snyder's Sucker Punch Secret Wishes Amber Costume
Next up is Amber, mech-driver and warplane pilot extraordinaire. Sadly you can't buy that giant robot rabbit online, but you can buy Amber's cool military-style get up up here. It comes with the jacket-top, the short-shorts, the chaps, the choker and her awesome hat-headpiece. A wig based on her hair cut can be found here, and weapons similar to Amber's can be bought here. I advise picking up some fishnets to go underneath.

Create the Blondie Costume
Sucker Punch Blondie Costume

Last but not least, your group costume party will need an axe-wielding Blondie to finish it off. You can pick up a cute Blondie costume here, while a wig based on her hair can be found here and her signature hand axe can be picked up here. The wig even comes with her vinyl goggles, which is pretty sweet!

And there you have it, one set of Sucker Punch costumes for a group party event. If you are looking for a guide to each character's make-up you can find a tonne of tutorial videos on Youtube, so be sure to check some out. You now have all the weapons you need - now fight!

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