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How to Make Lightning's Costume from Final Fantasy 13

The Perfect Lightning Farron Cosplay (FFXIII)
Gonna be honest with you, FF13 is my least favorite of the Final Fantasy series (though it definitely picked up with XIII-2!), but one thing I did love to bits about it was the character designs and costumes, in particular that of the female lead character, the bad-ass Lightning Farron. Cosplaying as Lightning isn't cheap, but if you pull it off right you will look completely amazing, so lets dig in and find out how to do it! (Note all links here are to US sites: if you are shopping from the UK or EU, you'll find Lightning costumes here)
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning
Cosplay Costume

The Outfit

First of all you'll need Lightning's outfit, which consists of a pretty crazy combo of stylized overcoat, mini-skirt, blue gloves and a kick-ass cape. It's a hard outfit to put together piece-by-piece because of how intricate it is, but luckily there's lots of costume sets which give you the whole thing in one bundle. The one on the right is my favorite of the commercially available Lightning costumes online - I think it sticks to the original concept art absolutely perfectly, which is difficult to pull off with such an elaborate outfit. 

This set comes complete with all of the armwear, the brown mini skirt, the sash, a pauldron, underwear, a mantle, the thigh bag, and of course the overcoat. That's everything but the boots, which you can pick up separately here. This costume even comes in male sizes, so all you cross-players out there need not feel left out.

The Hair

Final Fantasy Lightning Long
Full Wigs Dream Wigs

Next up you'll need the hair to perfect the costume. Its difficult, though not impossible, to style your hair naturally to look like Lightnings, a  challenge posed by a combination of a unique color and the standard crazy anime hairstyle. If you want to have a go any way, check out this great tutorial by SecretLifeofaBioNerd on Youtube.

If not, you can easily acquire the look with a handy wig. The wig on the left is my favorite of the Lightning wigs as the curling and colors are more subtle and gentle. Some people prefer a slightly pinker look, and if that's you, you might want to check out this wig instead.

The Weapon

Lightning's Convertible Gunblade
Finally you are going to need your weapon. Lightning bears the honor of having the only gunblade in the series to actually be practical - it transforms from a gun to a sword and back again at will. Sadly this version of the weapon is in gun mode only - if you'd rather have the Blazefire in sword form, check it out here. If anyone ever comes across a version of the weapon which transforms for sale, let me know! Either way, this prop looks amazing and is a perfect compliment to the Lightning look.

Happy Cosplaying!

And there you have it, one cute and epic Lightning Farron Final Fantasy costume. I hope you have fun with it! If you liked this post or just want to check out some other cosplay ideas, be sure to browse the rest of my blog for the best costume ideas for women on the net. In particular, if you are thinking of going as a group to a convention as Final Fantasy characters, be sure to check out my posts on how to cosplay as Vanille, Fang and as Lightning's sister, Serah.

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